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Monday, April 17, 2017

@RecordStoreDay @Slackers (Alton, IL.) w/ #JoshuaGrassle #Walloper #Ailsean #PiasaCreek #SweetDirt #GrassAndStone

Record Store Day is this Saturday and Slackers in Alton, Illinois also has live music being performed during the day. Starting at noon with Joshua Grassle and then featuring Walloper, Ailsean, Piasa Creek, Sweet Dirt and then finally Grass & Stone. For more information visit the Slackers website HERE. Below is a run down of the bands and set times. They are as follows:

12:00 PM - Joshua Grassle

1:00 PM - Walloper

2:00 PM - Ailsean

3:00 PM - Piasa Creek

4:00 PM - Sweet Dirt

5:00 PM - Grass & Stone