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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Moving Forward In Time: #RyanMarquez Trio - Debut Album Release Sat. 3/31 @KranzbergArts Center

St. Louisian and jazz artist Ryan Marquez will be releasing his debut album "Moving Forward In Time" at The Kranzberg Arts Center on Saturday, March 31st. His trio will be celebrating and performing all of the original compositions on his debut effort, plus some covers they arranged and other original material. The concert will take place from 7:30 pm to 8:50 pm. Visit HERE for the event details on Facebook and for more about Ryan's history.

Watch "In Time" which is the first video off Ryan's new album with videography by Phillip Hamer of Clayton Studios & engineered by Tazu Marshall. Visit HERE to experience it on Facebook or HERE to catch it on YouTube. The trio consists of
Ryan Marquez on piano, Ben Wheeler on bass and Steve Davis on drums.

The album features instrumental pieces inspired by Ryan's experiences in St. Louis and were mostly written in the beginning of last year. This was a tough time for our country, our city and for Ryan in his personal life as he was very thoughtful in expressing these difficult emotions alongside his good intentions. The song titles and meanings certainly show his consideration and respect for himself, for others and for his approach to songwriting.

The album has ten songs, eight originals and two covers. The digital release is now available on the digital platforms. The physical release show will be your first chance at getting the disk in hand for $10.00. This show is appropriate for all-ages too.

Ryan is a Kansas City native and music has been his passion since the age of five when he first began playing the piano. Now with twenty-five years of experience in writing, recording, producing and inspiring others Ryan has sung and played many instruments upon many stages throughout the world.

His early roots began with gospel and soul, followed by jazz and then brought up in hip-hop. Follow him online and learn more about this artist below.

- Ryan Marquez: (Kansas City, MO.)

Genre: Jazz, Pop, Soul

Google Ryan Marquez Trio:

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Worth That Drama: @CheraeLeri ft. #ChoppaZoe

Cherae LERI' ft Choppa Zoe

"Worth That Drama" 

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, this young vibrant song bird is hitting the music scene hard with her own flavor and style.  Cherae Leri is a songwriter, dancer, actress and former model.  She began her entertainment career at the age of 3 when she began modeling and acting.

Leri has never followed trends, so don't expect to hear her trying to mimic any. The music is hers and it's the kind of sound you want to take with you on a road trip, to the gym, and to the office.

Check out "Worth That Drama" on VEVO Here

Leri has been influenced by some of the more prominent Artists like Patti Labelle, Leela James and Erykah Badu, whom she met with her mother, a traveling DJ while attending the Tom Joyner Morning Show at the age of 12. Badu encouraged Leri and her Mother to move to the Houston area where she also pursued a modeling career. Although her claim to fame might have been through the modeling world Leri never stopped working on her music.

Conscience, the debut EP from sultry songstress Cherae Leri tells lyrical accounts of pain, strength, experience, love, triumph and attitude. Leri, bold by nature, does not play coy musically. She puts her heart on each track, oozes with desire in every effortless melody, douses her tunes in passionate execution and devoted countless hours to developing this unveiling project. The young star croons over climaxing production and deliberate verbiage amid accompanying visuals and imagery. Conscience allows listeners to peer into Leri's soul, holding nothing back she gifts listeners the best and worst of her - she clears her conscience.

Cherae LERI' "Worth That Drama" - Official Music Video

Get up on the latest @

& check out the new "Conscience" EP on Itunes


- Cherae Leri:

(STL Native In Houston, TX)

Genre: R&B, Soul

Google Cherae Leri: 

Misty: The Debut Album By @TeddyBreihan (CD Release) w/ #RogerNetherton Fri. 3/30 at Stone @SpiralCoffee + Sat. 3/31 @FocalPointSTL

Multi-genre instumentalist Roger Netherton is currently in the mixing process for his debut album with plans for it to be out sometime in August of 2018. So, be on the look out for that. However, his friend Teddy Breihan (piano) wil be in town releasing his CD "Misty"on Friday, March 30th from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Stone Spiral Coffee. Then again on Saturday, March 31st Teddy and Roger will both be at The Focal Point. This concert goes from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Visit HERE for the event details on Facebook for that one.

Teddy Breihan was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been playing piano since a young age. He's performed with a number of musical acts around his hometown area as well as in St. Louis. He has been building a repertoire of evocative themes inspired by places and personalities, ranging in mood from energetic to contemplative.

Teddy Breihan (piano) and Roger Netherton (violin) met in Japan while studying abroad, and immediately a musical spark grew between them. Shortly after, the duo met up in St. Louis, and that spark took on the form of an album, consisting mostly of original compositions Teddy has developed over the course of his life.

The songs are short and the instrumentation is simple. Teddy emphasizes the two basic elements of composition: melody and harmony.

Allow Teddy to take you through a playful journey strung together by theme songs of places he's been, things he's done, and people he's met. Misty is an honest and open album, not looking to make any grand statement or blow anyone's minds - just two good friends telling short stories with their instruments.

The CD version comes in a jewel case and has 8 bonus tracks. Two of those bonus tracks are "8-bit" video game remixes by my Teddy's friend willfox125: )

There's only 25 CDs available, so if you think you might like one, act fast before they get soaked up.

And also, if all 25 CDs get purchased, Teddy will make the album available on Spotify.

Teddy Breihan's debut CD titled "Misty" is an album with he and Roger in a piano-violin duo, and features almost completely Teddy's own original compositions.

Roger Netherton taught himself to play the fiddle at the age of 11. Now, ten years later, he is known for his powerful style and prize-winning perforances at mational, regional and local competitions. Traditional old-time music remains one of his central interests, even as he has branched out to such styles as gypsy jazz, swing and blues. He plays regularly at dances, shows and festivals within and beyond his home of St. Louis.

Teddy was previously able to raise enough support using a successful GoFundMe campaign and is proud to in the production phase of his new music featuring an impressive list of musicians that he has met and performed with over some time. Visit him online below and continue on to learn more on this artist and Teddy Briehan.

- Teddy Breihan: (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Genre: Electronic, IDM, Soundtrack, Melodic, Orchestral, Thematic.

- Roger Netherton: (St. Louis, MO.)

Genre: Multi-Genre Instumentalist specializing in Appalachian old-time fiddle music.

Listen to Roger Netherton on #SoundCloud

Ten years ago, Roger was sitting in the Stage Four barn of the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, watching the preliminary round of the fiddle contest. He vividly remembered seeing one of the contestants play an old-time fiddle tune, and thinking to himelf, "That is what I want to do." He felt that that was the point when he really fell in love with fiddle music. As soon as he came home, I began going to old-time jam sessions, busking on the street, and looking for other music festivals to go to.

Five years ago at the Clifftop music festival, he met Hunter Walker, a phenomenal mountain dulcimer player who impressed Roger not only with his skill at the instrument but with his humility and kindness towards others. Roger was delighted to find out that he picked up banjo a few years later and subsequently reached the final round in the banjo contest at Clifftop. He'll be playing banjo (and a little bit of mountain dulcimer) on this album.

Two years ago at Clifftop, Roger met Rachel Eddy when she wandered into a jam that he was in and offered to play guitar. He was struck by her precise technique and musicality, as well as her friendly, upbeat personality and her infectious love for the music. She will be playing guitar on this album.

In addition to Rachel and Hunter, Roger is honored to be having Alex Lacquement playing upright bass on the album. Roger first met Alex a few years ago, also at Clifftop, when we played in a band Hunter assembled for one of the contests.

So, here is a video of the group he did the recording with (though this one has a different bass player). The tune is "Chips and Sauce," by Ira Bernstein, which will be on the album.

At various points during Roger's musical career, people have asked him whether he has made a CD, and he always told them he didn't feel ready to. Roger still feels that he can improve as a musician, but feels ready now to present a CD that he hope can show people the joy that he feels in fiddle music.

The recording session began the week of January 29th through February 2nd, at Rachel's house in Washington, DC. They planned on converting her house into a studio and spending a few days recording this album.

Abolition: @PirateSignal EP Release w/ @Houndsofficial #TheMercsSTL + #Kodek of @TheHushList Fri. 3/30 @BlueberryHillMO In The @DuckRoom

The highly anticipated new EP "Abolition" by St. Louis rock act Pirate Signal is almost here. The release show will be happening at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room on Friday, March 30th. The supporting acts on this bill are Hounds, The Mercs, plus Kodek (Chris Curd of The Hush List). The doors open at 7:00 pm and the concert begins at 7:30 pm and lasts until 11:30 pm. General admission is $8.00. This is an all-ages event. Minors incur a $2.00 surcharge. Visit HERE for the event details on Facebook. Continue on below to visit the artists online and to check out their music. The new EP is now available for free with donate option via their website and is also on the digital platforms.

- Pirate Signal: (St. Louis, MO.)

Genre: Rock

- Hounds: (St. Louis, MO.)

Genre: Indie Rock

- The Mercs: (St. Louis, MO.)

Genre: Exploratory Rock

* Watch a live video of them HERE

- Kodec: (St. Louis, MO.)

Genre: Singer/songwriter, Rock

* (Chris Curd of The Hush List).

The Depth Of The Sea: @thelowanthem w/ @hhhendrixxx Wed. 3/28 @offbroadwaystl

On Wednesday, March 28th The Low Anthem will perform at Off Broadway with support by Haley Heynderickx. The shjow goes from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $18.00 the day of show. This is an all-ages event. Minors incur a $3.00 surcharge. If you are under the age of 18 you must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older. Visit HERE for the event details on Facebook. Continue on below to visit the artists online and to check out their music. You can also now stream the new album by The Low Anthem on NPR.

- The Low Anthem: (Providence, RI.)

Genre: Psych-folk noir

- Haley Heynderickx: (Portland, Oregon)

Genre: Acoustic Folk


The Low Anthem Playing Off Broadway Night Club On 3/28

Announce New LP 'The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea', Share Video Trailer

Out Now On Joyful Noise Recordings

Photo Cred: James Joiner

WATCH & SHARE: The Low Anthem - Album Trailer

The Low Anthem have announced their new LP 'The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea'.

"One second you’re dozing off in the passenger seat on the way to a gig, and the next, there’s fire and hell flames and black smoke and your face is bleeding and you can’t see, and you can’t process information, and you think it’s all over.” Jeff Prystowsky is describing one of the scariest moments in his life, as The Low Anthem’s tour van crashed and subsequently wiped out Prystowsky for several weeks, as well as wrecking loads of their gear and instruments in the process.

However, the accident also acted as an inadvertent impetus for their latest record whilst Prystowsky was in recovery: a John Cage-influenced concept record. A beautiful, elegiac and largely acoustic – though peppered with subtle yet immersive electronics and humming ambience – album of twelve tracks that barely stretch past the two-minute mark. Recalling the more progressive moments of artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Lambchop, it’s a record of a deep richness, loaded with extreme subtleties and with a space and delicacy counter to the group’s previous dense and complex album.

The album feels like a new palate for the group and comes at the end of a period of profound change and evolution. Not only did the van crash cancel their tour (after just four dates) but, combined with some record company troubles, it led to the album they were due to tour all but disappearing. Eyeland was the group’s deeply experimental 2016 album, one that was their first in several years and one that was also a direct response to a world in which they had found themselves but didn’t really want to be.

Prystowsky formed the band with Ben Knox Miller and after the huge success of their 2007 debut album, What The Crow Brings, the band found themselves signed to Nonesuch and Bella Union for their even more successful follow-up Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. They toured the world and were reluctantly lumped in with the so-called "folk revival". However, night-after-night of performing their early material was not ultimately where they wanted to land. “The moment was losing its mystery. We were scared of becoming robots,” the band said after six years of reflection. 

They returned to their hometown of Providence, Rhode Island back in 2012 and instead poured their energy into their local community by restoring a vaudeville-era theatre and building their own recording studio within. The band were still enamoured with music itself and holed down here for years experimenting and learning to record and produce what would become Eyeland but they were no longer the group that they had once been. “It’s like eating stale bread,” Prystowsky says. “Fresh bread is better. You want to cook with fresh ingredients and eat it while it’s still warm. If you wait too long, the moment is gone. So you reheat it but with each reheating, a little bit is lost…until it can’t be reheated anymore.”

The pair are involved with the running of The Columbus Theatre, they help book and promote shows and are in attendance for every new production, burrowing themselves at a grassroots level into their community. It has become an important place for them in terms of an inspirational creative space. “It’s a magical place with a long history,” Prystowsky says.  “I like to call it a palace of music. You’re walking into a theatre from almost a hundred years ago, still intact, built for the acoustics of music, pre-the invention of the PA. It’s so unlike anything in the 21st century that it ignites your creative muscles to work. You immediately lose your frame of reference, in a good way.”

Five years on since moving back to Providence, building a recording studio then recording a deeply experimental, stylistic u-turn of a record in Eyeland before having to ditch the whole thing after a near miss accident, the band are now finally into a groove of their own, under their own terms. They are settled and have found themselves again both in terms of a sense of place as well as musically.

This feeling of comfort, confidence and newfound identity shines through on The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea, an album that was triggered when Knox Miller was reading John Cage’s biography Where The Heart Beats, by Kay Larsen. He soon became transfixed by the salt doll fable he came across. The salt doll fable basically tells the story of a doll that wants to know itself, and what it’s made of. A teacher tells it, “salt comes from the ocean,” so it goes to the sea.  When the doll puts its toe in, it knows something, but loses its toe. Then it puts its foot in, knows even more but loses its foot...and so on, until it’s completely dissolved, never to return to the shore.  

This fable soon blossomed into a full album that Knox Miller wrote on stripped down equipment (given that all the band’s usual stuff had been destroyed or damaged in the crash) and the end result was an album that, according to Prystowsky: “Is a concept album with a story arc weaving through the songs like a constellation. It’s an underwater circular journey to the bottom of the sea following the salt doll who, attempting to measure the sea (and thus, know its true origins), in the end, becomes part of it. Along the way this non-human, conscious chemical compound, encounters all kinds of fantastical oceanic things.”

Knox Miller wrote the song cycle whilst Prystowsky was recovering from a concussion and it became a part of him in the process. A project to immerse himself into completely, mirroring the tale of the salt doll but also filling the void left by the absence of his usual creative partner (who soon returned to good health to help finish the record.) “I ate it, I slept it” Ben says of the process.

It finds the Low Anthem of 2017 a vastly different band from the one that emerged 10 years ago with their debut.  One that has experienced more ups and downs that many would manage in an entire career but also one that now feels settled in their skin and only interested in venturing toward the horizon instead of re-treading old ground.

'The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea" - TRACKLISTING

1. Bone of Sailor, Bone of Bird
2. River Brine
3. Give My Body Back
4. Drowsy Dowsing Dolls
5. The Krill Whistle Their Fight Song
6. Toowee Toowee
7. Coral Crescent
8. Dotwav
9. Cy Twombly By Campfire
10. Gondwanaland
11. To Get Over Only One Side
12. Final Transmission From The Diving Umbrella


The Reservations Tour: @OfficialSoMo @CayeTitty @KidQuill Sun. 3/25 @DelmarHallstl

"The Reservations" tour featuring SoMo along with Caye and Kid Quill rolls into town at Delmar Hall on Sunday, March 25th. The doors open at 7:00 pm and the concert begins at 7:45 pm. Tickets are $20.00 in advance and $25.00 the day of show. This is an all-ages event and minors incur a $2.00 surcharge. Visit HERE for the event details on Facebook. Continue on below to visit the artists online and to check out their music. Follow on for more on SoMo and also Caye. In addition, you can stream SoMo's new single "Wake Up Call" HERE. Recently, The Badger Herald did an interesting article on SoMo.

- SoMo: (Dallas, TX.)

Genre: R&B, Pop

- Caye: (Boston, MA.)

Genre: Hip-hop

Google Caye:

- Kid Quill: (Shelbyville, IN.)

Genre: Rap, Hip-hop

Artist Bio:

Selling out shows across the country and achieving multiplatinum success by paving a path of his own, SoMo has quietly emerged as R&B’s most successful underground superstar. Now, it’s time for the world to properly meet the Dallas, TX singer and songwriter born Joseph Somers-Morales on his second full-length album, ‘The Answers’ [Republic Records].

“Over the past two years, I really dialed in all of the different aspects of who I am as a man and tried to represent every facet in the music, production, and lyrics,” he exclaims. “This is the evolution of SoMo. I’ve seen so much of the world and come back to Texas. I’m really telling my story.”

It’s been nothing short of a whirlwind for the artist since the 2014 release of his self-titled debut, ‘SoMo.’ The record clinched #1 on iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart, and the hit single “Ride” earned an RIAA double-platinum certification. Between sold out headline tours and collaborations with everyone from Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, The-Dream, and Trey Songz to Kirko Bangz, Vigiland, Rebel, and Tricky Stewart, SoMo put impressive numbers on the board, selling 393K albums and counting and 4 million singles in addition to amassing 290 million streams. His 2015 mixtape, ‘My Life II,’ went Top 10 on Billboard’s Top R&B albums chart as he appeared on VH-1’s “Big Morning Buzz,” “The Arsenio Hall Show,” and BET’s “106 & Park.”

Along the way, he carefully assembled what would become ‘The Answers,’ recording in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Texas, Toronto, and Florida. SoMo found new influences that encouraged him to embrace his core.

“Listening to artists like Post Malone and Kehlani inspired me to go back and just approach this as who I am,” he admits. “It’s not about fitting in, but rather just being myself.”

During early 2017, he introduced the album with fiery, fun, and flirty “Play” [feat. Maty Noyes], which registered over one million plays in one of weeks’ time. Appropriately arriving for Valentine’s Day, the first single “Just A Man” evokes early nineties R&B with its resounding piano chords and handclaps as SoMo’s voice soars on the confessional hook, “I’m just a man, and you are my world.”

“I like to call it ‘the trendy, timeless SoMo,'” he laughs. “It’s sort of what we got with ‘Ride.’ It doesn’t matter when the song’s released; it works. Obviously, I’ve been somewhat of a ladies’ man. I am a lover and a romantic though. I’ve fallen in love and been madly in love for long periods of time. I wrote that song at Jim Jonsin’s studio in Florida. I remember sitting there for a few hours with the melodies. Then, I dove deep into the words. I wanted to express being apologetic — not just on behalf of myself but on behalf of all men. I’m only human. It’s me making a mistake and owning up to it.”

Then, there’s “Over.” It’s upbeat energy shuffles into another anthemic refrain courtesy of super producer trio Captain Cuts [Walk The Moon, Tove Lo, Halsey, Bebe Rexha]. “I was coming off that ‘Just A Man’ vibe, but it’s a different side, because I’m saying, ‘It’s not my fault,'” he goes on. “She’s the one saying it’s really over, instead.”

Continuing to grow and evolve, the album title ‘The Answers’ encapsulates his journey thus far. He admits, “It was my search to find the answers inside myself and inside these songs. The whole point is we keep going and searching.”

He’s inviting listeners along for the ride again. “I want people to listen to it in full and feel like they’re leaving a movie afterwards,” SoMo leaves off. “It’s me in the moment.”





“Artists to watch in 2018…Caye’s vocals have a husky sexiness, while his raps

have an elastic ease.” –Yahoo

Boston-raised, LA-based rapper, producer and singer-songwriter Caye announces his new single “Easy” featuring Wiz Khalifa set to be released on March 23rd via Big Picnic Records. The track was written by Caye with co-writerDAWGUS, who also produced the track. “Easy” will follow the release of his most recent singles “With U” and “Top Shelf.”

Caye is currently opening for singer-songwriter Somo on his “The Reservations Tour.” The tour will hit 31 cities across the US by the time it wraps on April 14th in Dallas, TX. Please see tour routing below and click HERE to purchase tickets.

Born and raised in Boston, Caye is a talented multi-instrumentalist, rapper, singer-songwriter and producer. He has combined a multitude of genres, from jazz to hip-hop and everything in between, with his skills on the drums, steel pan and piano, which has set the stage for the essence of his music: smooth verses and seductive production.

Caye entered USC Thornton School of Music’s Pop Music Program during the Fall of 2016 and quickly created a buzz for himself. During this time, he has built up a loyal student fan base that helped catapult his 2016 break-through self-produced single “Coma” to over 5 million streams. After selling out hometown venues such as Boston’s Sonia and Brighton City Music Hall, he signed with powerhouse talent agency Paradigm. He performed last summer at Briggs Fest in Boston, MA, followed by this past fall’s Superfly Lost Lakes Festival in Phoenix, AZ and is currently boasting over 150K Spotify listeners per month.


WebsiteInstagram | Facebook | Twitter|iTunes | Spotify | SoundCloud

2018 Tour: @THEHUNNABAND + @coastsband w/ @wearecourtship Thurs. 3/22 @recordBar

This coming Thursday, March 22nd The Hunna and Coasts 2018 tour of North America with Courtship makes it's stop to the Record Bar in Kansas City, Missouri. The show starts at 7:00 pm and goes midnight. Visit HERE for the event details on Facebook and continue on to visit the artists online and to check out their music. Follow on for more on each artist.

- Courtship: (Los Angeles, CA. )

Genre: Indie Alt. Pop

- The Hunna: (London)

Genre: Rock

Google The Hunna:

- Coasts: (Bristol)

Genre: Rock

Google COASTS: 

Indie pop duo Courtship released their music video last month for their latest single "Bad Fun." The track is available on all digital retailers now and will be featured on their forthcoming debut album, due out this spring. Watch the video HERE.

The band is currently halfway through their spring tour with English bands The Hunna and CoastsIt kicked off on March 8th at The Social in Orlando, the run is criss-crossing throughout the U.S. before finishing on April 8th at the House Of Blues in Dallas. The Los Angeles two-some just wrapped up their first ever tours with The Wombats and Passion Pit to stellar reviews. For tickets and a complete list of dates, please visit HERE.

Courtship. - Comprised of Eli Hirsch [guitar, vocals] and Micah Gordon [keyboard, vocals] - have generated a quick, noticeable splash in the online music community with their funky guitar flavors, shimmering keys, and righteous falsetto-colored hooks. When their first collaboration  "Stop For Nothing"  was released in 2016, the track lit up popular Spotify playlists such as "A Perfect Day," "It's ALT Good," and "Indie Pop," amassing over 2.7 million streams and counting. Acclaimed early on by BillboardNMEThe Four Oh Five, and more, they landed a major sync as Snapchat chose  "Sunroof"  to soundtrack a Custom Stories launch campaign.


UK act, The Hunna release new track,

"Flickin Your Hair" 

available now via 300 Entertainment

+ new record, "DARE" due May 25

Following the release of their hugely successful debut album last year, The Hunna have established themselves as one of the UK’s most in-demand bands. Returning with new music, The Hunna unveil the anthemic single ‘Flickin Your Hair’, taken from their forthcoming release, "DARE" available via 300 Entertainment.

Having experienced a rapid rise that saw the band land at #13 in the album charts only ten months into their career, The Hunna have achieved a massive amount in the year that has proceeded. From selling-out two back-to-back album tours that included London’s Kentish Town Forum and Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the band also headlined memorable nights nationwide at venues such as Glasgow’s Barrowlands, Manchester’s Academy 1 and Nottingham’s Rock City. The Hunna’s last show of the year was at Camden’s Roundhouse before a pioneering moment topping the Festival Republic Stages billings at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival. The Hunna also returned to North America in 2017 to support youthhood heroes Jimmy Eat World as well as co-headlining a tour for radio station Sirus XM.

"Flickin Your Hair" follows the nostalgic "Summer," and infectious "Dare" and is third installment from their forthcoming release, "Dare" due May 25 via 300 Entertainment.  The song is a reminder of the alarmingly contagious energy the Watford four-piece possesses having previously been referred to as ‘Rock’s Next Big Thing’ by Kerrang Magazine.

With previous singles such as ‘Bonfire’ and ‘You & Me’ helping to earn over 45 million streams across The Hunna’s Spotify catalogue, the band have been championed by BBC Radio 1 with ‘Never Enough’ reaching B-list and gaining `support from the likes of Huw Stephens, Clara Amfo and Greg James.

Kicking off 2018 with a sold out show at London's 02 Academy, The Hunna’s reputation as one the best live bands on the UK scene is sure to be solidified Stateside by their upcoming tour with COASTS this Spring.

►watch the video for 'Flickin Your Hair'

 find The Hunna: 

Soundcloud // 

Facebook // 

Twitter // 

Instagram //

Coasts is an English rock band formed in Bristol in 2011. The group consists of Chris Caines (Vocals), Liam Willford (Guitar), James Gamage (Bass), David Goulbourn (Keyboards) and Ben Street (Drums). They are most notable for achieving two UK Top 40 albums, the second of which reached the Top 20.[1]They are also known for their singles "A Rush of Blood" and "Oceans". "A Rush of Blood" was named Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record' in October 2014.[2] The single has also featured on Made in Chelsea. "Oceans" has received international media attention and has achieved over four million plays on SoundCloud.

Check out Coasts new single "You Could Have Been The One" on Spotify's New Music Friday Playlist HERE.