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*Last updated on 4/12/13*

Meetings are once a month on the third Tuesday evening of each one. They are free and open to the public, they are as follows:

Jan. 15 at Utopia Studios. (STLMU all-members planning meeting.)
Feb. 19 at Shock City Studios. (Tour of Shock City Studios.)
March 19 at Utopia Studios. (STLMU general meeting for all-members.)
April 16 at Utopia Studios. (STLMU discusses "Midwest Music Explosion".)
May 21 at Utopia Studios. (STLMU all-members planning meeting.)
June 18 at Utopia Studios. (STLMU internet expert discusses "E-Skills".)
July 16 at SmithLee Studios. (Tour of Smith Lee Studios.)

Saint Louis Musicians Unite was founded by Blue and continued on by musicians from St. Louis and actively met monthly for awhile. Now you can be informed of STL events via Facebook & download FREE music every week from this blog. In addition, feel free to utilize our Little Black Book for musicians to save time booking shows. We encourage for listeners to go out and attend their shows, buy the physical cd if you enjoy the artists and want to support them further. All material appearing on St. Louis Musicians Unite's Music Blog including photos, text, illustrations, audio and video files are protected by copyrights, trademarks, or other proprietary rights which are either owned by or licensed to the St. Louis Musicians Unite or owned by other parties who have allowed use by St. Louis Musician's Unite. Materials from St Louis Musicians Unite may not be copied, reproduced, republished, transmitted or distributed in any way. If you are an artist and feel that your music is here by some mistake and want your post removed, just send us an email and we will remove it. Ads provided by

The mission of this group is as follows: To find the positive in our scene and not it's exploits. To uplift, engage, promote, encourage, strengthen, regardless of genre, creed, gender, religion, etc. It is to unify. That will keep things vital.

Christopher Davis : Runs the music blog & social media promotions.

Shawn Telkamp : Graphic design & assists in creating additional content.

The following are peeps we must acknowledge :

*Special thanks to Blue for all her past hard work & dedication to the group, also for showing other musicians how to be a leader.

*To the STL Music Press for acknowledging the group, blogs need to stick together. The link above is to a new feature they have coming for local artists. This website covers everything from local, regional, national & international acts that perform in Saint Louis, MO.

*Credit for the logo design goes to Mike Frank.

*Credit for the STLMU banner goes to

A brief history about STLMU for those unaware of it is as follows:

Going into 2008 and midway through 2009 were the highlight of the actual meetings that took place monthly. As you know now, this group was created by Blue Tapp. It was towards the end of this period where she felt like she needed to step away from music completely and created an STLMU board consisting of the following members, they were as follows:

(Also included is a link to what they did or are doing now in the scene.)

Chris Sebastian, Mary Elizabeth Kennedy, Shawn Telkamp, Maurice Holmes, Christopher Davis, Joe Rascher.

They focused on how the group should evolve and continue to thrive and everyone had different opinions and ideas and it became clear by the Fall of 2009 that things had "jumped the shark", so to speak. Chris Sebastian continued the marketing aspect of the group during the so-called "death of Myspace" and created a Facebook group page and a profile. Over the course of a couple of years, the presence of local interest on the profile was remarkable. This inspired Christopher Davis and he created the music blog that you see here today and the Facebook fan page. Meanwhile, also creating many new outlets to market the group, such as the following: Sound Cloud, Last.Fm, Twitter, Google Plus and more. Having done this in personal free time as a active passion for the scene, things had came around and Shawn Telkamp met with Christopher Davis about not only just the blog, but a new series of quarterly meetings to begin in 2012. Proving successful, in 2013 STLMU began meeting monthly once again.

Come back and visit the "About" page here for the latest on where things are headed!

Saint Louis Musicians Unite

(Still going, still growing...)