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STLMU Calendar

Note: Gmail users can add this calendar to their "Calendars" & sync all of their info. to their Iphone or Droid, visit HERE to learn more. To add this calendar just look for the button at the bottom, right of the calendar to add it to your calendar. When using the calendar simply click or tap on each event and it will open up the event you find interesting. It will show the following options "More Details" or "Copy To Calendar". To close the event you are looking at just click or tap on it and it will close again. Happy show hunting.

(No HTML5 widget available for Cicero's.)

(HTML5 widget not available for Jazz At The Bistro.)

*In order for your event to show up, just invite the Facebook profile to it. The venue widgets were tricky, but the ticker-type one's are directly from the actual website. The rest are from Reverbnation. If your venue is not represented in a widget, I simply need you to activate your venue profile on Reverbnation or provide me with an RSS feed link. To activate your Reverbnation venue profile, type your venue name in the search engine, visit your venue or venue pages, pick the best representation and claim it. After that, you can add the app to your fan page on Facebook and keep it maintained. Otherwise, invite the profile. Send links to this email address saintlouismusiciansunite (AT) gmail (DOT) com