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- Last updated 2/23/14 -

You are more than welcome to always post what you are looking for on our facebook profile or our music blog's fan page on facebook. I also suggest using STL Music, of course, Craigslist works too. Hanging up wanted ads at Guitar Center, etc. is good also. To make the search a little easier, leave a comment with what you are looking for, website, etc. Be sure to leave an email address too. This way if you have real private settings on facebook and a stranger cannot send you a message, you will get their inquiry that way. In addition, I have had a couple of artist's send music to the blog to be featured, from now on you can also peruse the label #Musician seeking musicians.

Be respectful & anything other than musician ads will not be tolerated. If you get your position filled, just simply comment on your facebook thread here that it was filled, so people will not contact you further. Feel free to join our Facebook Group also. That is the sort of thing it will be use for. Also, there is another created specifically for this purpose and is called Musicians For Hire. Another good Facebook Group is Musician Family.

I also get a lot of musicians wondering about open-mic nights. I found this site HERE that I have on our blogroll, it has something for every night of the week in St. Louis. Also, if you have an open-mic night you need to get listed that isn't on there yet, you can get that on there easily. Good resource.

Good luck! Don't think that because the previous comments below dated from 2011 prove this page is irrelevant. Facebook kept changing their comments plug-in code and I realized it was because it is now HTML5. That just means that it will show up on a mobile device too. So, comment away.