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*This page will provide resources for the STL Metro Area & beyond. It's goal is to provide the tools to help enrich our scene's artists and venues, etc. Before going through this page, please note all of the sites that are on the blogroll here. They are located on the right of the page, towards the bottom half using a desktop.

Do you have a resource or provide a service that helps indie music? If you do, please send the relevant info. to our email address: saintlouismusiciansunite (AT) or leave a facebook comment below this post while logged into your account there. Thanks!

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Resources for musicians, venues, etc. #STL:

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Hot Topic -
*Stop by their facebook site, click on their "likes", you will find all of the St. Louis locations, with addresses & contact info. If you are interested in a possible in-store event, call and inquire about details on "Local Static" appearances w/ a manager.
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Labels & Nonprofits - Is one of our twitter lists that is organizing local labels & non-for-profit organizations. Click HERE for the new STL Labels & Non-Profits facebook list.
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Media - Is another twitter list highlighting relevant media in our metro area. Click HERE for the new STL Media facebook list.
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Music stores, music bloggers, publications, etc. all listed on our blogroll here.
(Follow via twitter.)
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Music Venues in the metro area listed on our "Little Black Book" page. (Twitter list also contains some events & festivals.) Click HERE for the new STL Festivals & Events facebook list. For the "Little Black Book' facebook list of venues, click HERE. Also, for STL Residencies & Open Mic's facebook list, click HERE.
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New World Digital, Inc. -
Has been a premier provider of high-quality CD replication, DVD replication, vinyl record pressing, and premium printing and packaging services for a wide variety of multimedia projects, since 1996.
*Located at 11126 Lindbergh Business Court.
1-888-239-1766 x 101
Email: Mark Carter - mcarter (AT) nwdigitalinc (DOT) com
Phone: 310-920-9705

STL Photographers -
*Website contact list for STL Photographers for your photography needs.
Tags: #STL #Photography

STL Recording/Rehearsal Studios -
*Website contact list for STL Recording Studios for your audio needs.
Click HERE for the new STL Recording Studios list on facebook.
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STL Videographers -
*Website contact list for STL Videographers for your video needs.
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 Instrument Retailers & Repairs - Comprehensive STL metro area list.
 Music Schools - Enroll in one of these STL metro area schools.
 Music Classes - STL metro area classes are now forming.
 Music Lessons - Places to find instruction on music in the STL metro area.
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Venue Profile, a Free Facebook App for Music Clubs -
Visit Reverbnation's blog for the info. HERE.
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*Resources for musicians, venues, etc.#Contracts

Click HERE for the importance of the use of a contract & professionalism when collaborating.
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*Resources for musicians, venues, etc.#Copyright

Click HERE to learn more about Public Domain VS. Copyrighted Works. Click HERE to find out if you should trademark your band name. Click HERE to find out how you can clear cover songs, samples & handle public domain works. Creative Commons provides new ways to share work. Copyright Creative work. Click HERE to learn more on Creative Commons licensing. To learn the basics about copyrights, exclusive rights, licensing lingo, and more just click HERE. See below for the instructions and contact info. for copyrighting your music.
Tags: #Copyright #Music

In 1870, Congress passed a law moving registration of copyrights from the federal courts to the Library of Congress. In 1897, Thorvald Solberg became the first Register of Copyrights and served in that capacity until 1930. Today, the Library of Congress is still the place to go to register your copyright.

Technically your songs and lyrics are protected by copyright as soon as it is created and "fixed" in a tangible form such as a recording, or in the case of lyrics written down. However proving in a court of law that you created something, in the unlikely event that you would need to, is a different matter. To fully protect your rights in a court of law it is vitally important to register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office, which is part of the Library of Congress. Having done that, you get a certificate of registration and your work is a matter of public record. Then, if someone ever tries to claim authorship for a composition that you created you have a legally acceptable proof of authenticity that the work is yours.

To register, you need to submit the correct application form, a non-refundable filing fee of $65 for offline registration or $35 for online registration, and a non-returnable copy (or copies) of your work. For forms and more information, contact the U.S. Copyright Office via the mail, online, by phone, or even in person.

The Library of Congress
Copyright Office
101 Independence Ave. S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20559-6000

There is a 24-hours-per-day forms hotline at (202) 707-9100. Once your completed application is accepted it generally takes several months to process.

For copyright forms, registration information and additional information go to:

(Click HERE to learn more about music law.)

*Resources for musicians, venues, etc.#Distribution

Click HERE to read about how to optimize your music for digital distribution.
Tags: #Distribution #Digital

*Resources for musicians, venues, etc. #Education

St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers & Accountants For The Arts provides free legal and accounting assistance and sponsor a wide variety of affordable educational programs. For more info. call 314-863-6930 or visit:
Tags: #Education #Legal

The Discography is the first ever Legal Encyclopedia of Popular Music, covering 2,400 court rulings, over 200 years. There's also a DiscBLOGraphy and News. It's free, too.
Tags: #Education #Legal

47 sites every recording musician should visit: Great list of resources, thanks to Mary Elizabeth of Sinfinis for sharing this.
Tags: #Education #Recording

Sound Chef Pro has a free software program that you can begin to train your ear to learn sound frequencies easily.
Tags: #Education #Sound

Music Connection is commonly known as the "musician's bible" educating, informing and connecting music people. A FREE network that caters to artists, musicians and players (Not fans).
Tags: #Education #Network

*Resources for musicians, venues, etc. #Internet

Click HERE to learn everything about HTML codes and it's free to use.
Tags: #Education #Internet

Click HERE for a post by Madalyn Sklar on a new, FREE site that teaches you how to learn Javascript, Ruby & Python by making it interactive. It's called Codeacademy. Watch the two tutorials on her site to learn more.

*Resources for musicians #Marketing

Music Marketing Guru's
that I have found to be remarkably insightful. I seriously suggest subscribing to these, or if you use twitter, at least follow this list for their updates.
Tags: #Marketing #Registries

Music Blog's can also be a great way to start getting a buzz about your act. In addition my online friend who was a part of Puddlegum sent this out in 2009 when twitter unveiled the list feature. He featured my group's list there, nice to get a nod like that.

*For more please refer to the Hype Machine's index of blogs. There are more and more always popping up all over. For local blogs see the blogroll links here and go further down the page here for a complete listing of people that you may consider contacting about your upcoming event or release.

Click HERE for 10 steps to music success.
Tags: #Marketing #Digital

Click HERE for a QR codes primer.
Tags: #Marketing #QRcodes

*Resources for musicians #Mechanical License Clearance
(How to get legal clearance to record cover songs.)
Visit: Limelight today.
(Click HERE to learn more about music law.)
Tags: #Mechanical #License

*Resources for musicians #Media
Click HERE for Finding Newspapers & News Media. You can use this for the state of Missouri and anywhere, for that matter. Don't forget to see the list published further down this page also.
Tags: #Events #Media

Click HERE for finding Radio stations. You can use this for the state of Missouri and anywhere, for that matter. Don't forget to see the list published further down this page also.
Tags: #Events #Media

*Resources for musicians #Performance Rights

What are performance rights organizations? Click HERE to learn more.

Artists in the USA may be a part of one PRO only. There are three, they focus on royalties for your song (performance rights)and are as follows:




SoundExchange is a non-for-profit performance rights organization. It is not considered to be one of the three listed above. It focuses on royalties for your recording (mechanical rights). If you are independent & record on your own and own your masters, this is a good resource. An artist can be on one of the three PRO's above and be a part of SE. To learn more visit their website:
(Click HERE to learn more about music law.)
Tags: #Performance #Rights

*Resources for musicians #Sound

Sound On Sound - is the world's premier music recording technology magazine. It is recognized internationally as the 'bible' of the hi-tech music recording industry. Beginners to professionals alike will find themselves immersed in this site and the overwhelming amount of info.
Tags: #Sound #Technology

Click HERE for Part 1 and click HERE for Part 2 of how to get sponsored.
Tags: #Sponsorships #Music

*Resources for musicians #Trademark

For artists seeking officialdom with your band name, merch, etc.
Visit the U.S. Trademark Office.
(Click HERE to learn more about music law.)
Tags: #Trademark #Music

*Resources for musicians #Tools

St. Louis Musicians Unite! - is a public group on facebook that is for any and all interested in the STL Metro area's music scene.
Tags: #Tools #Networking

Bandzoogle - is one of the best tools for creating your own website in minutes, with features like an online music store, mailing list and street team manager. To start click HERE to get full access to Bandzoogle for 60 days.
Tags: #Tools #Internet

*More Affordable & Effective Websites: Bandzoogle, Hostbaby, Nimbit, Reverbnation, Onesheet, Wordpress. Click HERE for more info. Click HERE to find out how to set a band website in under 15 minutes. Click HERE for 7 tips to build a more user friendly website.

Musformation Facebook Group - is an open group on facebook, artists can inquire on the best way to go about doing things in a D.I.Y. platform, really great if you need advice on something. Check it out HERE.
Tags: #Tools #Musician

Musician Family - is a private group on facebook for musicians only.
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4 Important Lessons!

#Lesson One: The modern musician NEEDS time.

#Lesson Two: Musicians & the art of polite persistence.

#Lesson Three: How an emotional connection can create a cult-like fan base.

#Lesson 4: How to get a booking agent to book your band.


Blogs that you need to subscribe to if you like to learn more about the music industry:

1) Reverbnation:

2) CD Baby:

3) Diskmakers:

4) Madalyn Sklar:

5) Ariel Publicity:

6) Bob Baker:

7) Hypebot:

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Lot's more content and lessons coming soon!

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