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Friday, March 30, 2012

#100th post feat. new J. Boozer & Alice Sweet Alice! Plus, important announcement! #STL #MUSIC

J. Boozer plays a lot of shows. 272 last year to be exact. He is throwing out some exclusive new music for you! Grab and or stream these two tracks below. Catch him live on April 20th at the Tin Can on Morganford. *Cough* All of these 420 posts lately are starting to give me second-hand exposure. Seriously, that is just another hint to get you to check out his show. Hence, the cough. I also noticed he posted a new song on YouTube, so that is the #VideoOfTheWeek! The photo in the video is by Crista Lea Photography. It was taken at his recent show at The Big Muddy Pub in Alton, IL. Check out the one-man phenomenon that is J. Boozer:

Click HERE to download J. Boozer - When Saturday Night Turns Into Sunday Morning.

Click HERE to download J. Boozer - Pawn Shop.

Alice Sweet Alice is a female-fronted alt. rock outfit from Kansas City. Recently, Alice 102fm asked them to represent the station on their St. Patrick's Day float. Also, this past February, the group received a "Best Alternative Band" & "Best Album" nomination in the Midwest Music Awards. ASA came up with one word to describe their sound,"Electropostpunkadelic".

On Thursday, April 19th they will be rolling through St. Louis for an all-ages show at The Crack Fox on their "Singularity" tour. Local support for this show will be Ockum's Razor and Fer De Lance, plus DJ sets in between acts by Typewriter Tim Jordan.

Click HERE to download Alice Sweet Alice - Flight Of Tonight.

Click HERE to stream Alice Sweet Alice - Doesn't Matter.

This is the 100th STLMU blog post! Well, I'm excited. It has been almost two years of pecking away at this thing. If you are reading this, you are the first to know about the first quarterly STLMU meeting that will be taking place at The Old Rock House on Tuesday, April 17th. It will begin at 6pm and end at 8pm. Why the Old Rock House, you may be wondering? Because last year they announced to all musicians that if you email them your band name and info. at least a week before the show you want to attend, they will put you on the guest list. To me, I think that makes them a good candidate for hosting and I really appreciate them doing this. Via Dove is the local support for the show that night. The show begins after the meeting. The main part of the meeting will be highlighted by speakers from festivals around town. The point is to help expose these events to musicians and create awareness on what they are about and how to get involved and or get the chance to perform at them. Make sure to join the facebook group page for STLMU if you haven't yet. It is for anyone interested and it is a public group. I thought it would be fitting to have the meeting about festivals since the season is now underway. Speaking of festivals, I recently received this info-graphic below. Considering the biggest apps from SXSW often become the next year’s gotta-have apps, the people at thought they’d do a graphic on the insanely successful start-ups launched at past conferences and help you decide which mobile app darlings of 2012 you really do need to get right now. Check it out and let them know your favorites and what you think of it via email:
matt (AT) promotionalcodes (DOT) net

sxsw infographic


Stay tuned for the Record Store Day blog post and more!