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Monday, April 17, 2017

Record Store Day events on Sat. 4/22 in the St. Louis metro area wrap up feature!

The Record Store Day events featuring live music this Saturday, April 22nd have now all been posted here. In addition, there is some other stores celebrating also, but no live performances will be taking place. However, they will also have some great deals! So, here is the run down of stores in order of published dates. Visit each link to get the times and hear music by the bands playing each event. Below that is the additional events mentioned. There has been no word back or posts from CD Warehouse or any of the other Slackers locations, so this is as comprehensive as it gets in advance. Have a great Record Store Day everybody!

Record Store Day at Vintage Vinyl feature is HERE.

Record Store Day at Euclid Records feature is HERE.

Record Store Day at Music Record Shop feature is HERE.

Record Store Day at Kismet Creative Center feature is HERE.

Record Store Day at Slackers in Alton, IL. feature is HERE.

Planet Score Records is hosting a Record Store Day Fish Fry, info. is right HERE.

Also, this Friday, Saturday & Sunday the Record Exchange is celebrating with a ton of deals also. For more info. visit right HERE.