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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sun. 4/23 @ArchiveSTL @Syd_Destructo 3x's Against Cancer Benefit Show w/ @Clownvis #TheTripDaddys #CandyCoatedEvil @WellHungarians @Savage_Amusemnt

Syd "Destructo" Schlemer's Cancer Benefit happens this Sunday in Soulard at the Archive Music House. The show will be hosted by Clownvis Presley. Syd "Destruco" Schlemer is a courageous lady dealing with her third time against cancer. She is a woman that really deserves support in her situation. There is a great array of acts lined up to play this event. The show happens from 4 pm to 12 am and features musical acts: Clownvis Presley, The Trip Daddy's (Rockabilly-Roots, Rock n Roll-Blues), Candy-Coated Evil (Rockametalbluesabilly and sometimes Polka), the Well Hungarians (Country, Rock, Dance) and Savage Amusement (Scorpions Tribute). Visit the official event page on Facebook HERE. It does read that the show is open to anyone that wants to come. Entertainment also includes the following: Michelle Mynx (Pole Dance,) Lola Van Ella (Burlesque), Andrew Frank (Comedy), Travis Detritus (Sideshow), Karson Kelley (Fire), Mary Shino (Drag) and Lexi San Diego (Drag)

There will be games, auctions, raffles, photos, and more! Below is a letter in behalf of her sister and then music to the artists on the bill. Be a part of Team Syd Destro HERE.

"Syd Destructo's 3 Strikes Against Cancer" :

- Written by Lexy Schlemer

Syd "Destructo" Schlemer has been recognized for a diverse range of achievements and industries nationally. From videography to metalwork design, artwork to special effects makeup, humor to playing bass and singing in Candy Coated Evil as well as current touring acts, Syd has epitomized injecting your creative desires into your every day life without waiver. Syd has had a profound impact on a multitude of artists, musicians, friends, family, friends, foes, and turtles lives.

In April 2012 at the age of 21, Syd underwent a high risk surgery at Barnes Jewish to remove a cancerous right parotid gland and surrounding affected lymph nodes. After consecutive years of maintenance and preventative care, Syd was then diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 25 in May of 2016 undergoing two separate surgeries to remove the cancerous thyroid followed by radiation. Though cancer has cultivated high hurdles that Syd has leapt with vigor and elegance, it has taken a significant financial toll. Cancer is expensive on its own, let alone 3 times. The 5+ years this back to back battle has been fought has tapped out all financial and surrounding resources of her and her family to stay ahead of the minimally insured medical bills for both cancers. In hopes to pay off the outstanding expenses, future testing, and prepare for the next phase of billing until cleared of cancer for good, we are asking kindly for any help.


The Trip Daddys:

Candy-Coated Evil:

Well Hungarians:

Savage Amusement: