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Sunday, April 2, 2017

100's of @Bandcamp @Soundcloud March 2017 New Releases/Pre-Orders (@GoFundMe @PledgeMusic) + @YouTube Now Added & #STL #MUSIC Media Exclusives!

March of 2017 has come and gone, but this year's new music keeps pouring in. Of course, you can discover new music and catch the artists you know about already here with the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Plus, now incorporated into the format are exclusive releases by your favorite media outlets locally and all new to this month's post is over 200 YouTube new releases broken down into three playlists! If follow @STLMU on the socials you were introduced to the many other playlists in the works there, as well as the 13 genre playlists on Spotify. Those are always a click away here on the blog on the tabs feature. Look for YouTube STL and #STLouify for them. Visit the STL Promo Paradigm for links to even more publications if you are an artist looking to send out press releases and such. Needless to say the momentum picked up again this month and there are over a 100 artists with new releases this month if you just count the Bandcamp and SoundCloud artist accounts. Simply amazing. If you missed the February new releases post visit HERE for that. This post starts off with the crowdfunding links, then the local media exclusives, followed by the YouTube playlists. After that, the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Some of the pre-orders are mixed in with the various releases. Enjoy.


The Scandelaros:(STL)



Story Of The Year: (STL)


* Saint Louis Magazine:

- New Chuck Berry Album Scheduled For Release On June 16th:
( Chuck Berry - "Big Boy" single: )

* RFT Exclusive articles:

Pokey Lafarge's "Riot In The Streets" single inspired by Ferguson unrest.

Matt from Bunnygrunt/Googolplexia releases New EP.

Dylan Brady shows his range with new EP and production work for STL artist Bloom.

JDemul Releases New Video.

Middle Class Fashion Releases New Video.

Magic City's Final EP.

* KDHX Exclusives:

Thee Fine Lines: (Springfield)

Listen to Thee Fine Lines: Live at KDHXFest 5/22/16 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

Miss Molly Simms: (STL)

Listen to Miss Molly Simms: Live at KDHX 2/23/17 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

Gaslight Squares: (STL)

Listen to Gaslight Squares "Save It Pretty Mama" Live at KDHXFest 5/22/16 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Gaslight Squares "Struttin With Some Barbecue" Live at KDHXFest 5/22/16 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Gaslight Squares "Dyna" Live at KDHXFest 5/22/16 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

Funky Butt Brass Band: (STL)

Listen to Funky Butt Brass Band: Live at KDHXFest 5/22/16 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

The Bottle Rockets: (STL)

Listen to The Bottle Rockets: Live at KDHXFest 5/22/16 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

Aaron Kamm & The One Drops: (STL)

Listen to Aaron Kamm and the One Drops: Live at KDHXFest 5/22/16 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

Gene Jackson Releases New Album.

Chuck Berry Tribute CD Available.

Bagheera Releaaes New Album.

- To listen to archived KDHX show playlists visit HERE.

* 105.7 The Point: (STL)

- (Hosted by Cornbread on Sun. nights right HERE.)

- Stream songs played so far this year on 105.7 The Point's Local Show by this #STLMU playlist on Spotify.

* KWUR: (STL) - Radio Station

Alex Cunningham: (STL)

Jr. Clooney: (STL)

For archived "Stack Sessions" visit:

WQNA's (Springfield, MO.) Blues Power - March:

Listen to WQNA's Blues Power March 27 2017 by Michael Goza #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to WQNA's Blues Power March 13 2017 6pm by Michael Goza #np on #SoundCloud

* Rock Paper Podcast: (STL)

- (Visit HERE for this month's podcasts as Shane Presley features at least 3 new podcasts weekly.)

* St. Louis Blues Society:

"16 In 16 Compilation"

March/April New Bluesletter.

* National Blues Museum: (STL)

- (Stream live video performances HERE.)

* Euclid Records: (STL)

Euclid Records "In-Store Sessions" on 45's now available.


STL Artist Releases Via Website / iTunes:

Bagheera: (STL)

Divide The Empire: (STL)

Hooten Hallers: (STL)

Sky Burnt White: (STL)

Trustfall: (STL)


* YouTube:


March 2017 New Videos:

(Oldest at the beginning and newest at the end of the playlists. In order of published date on YouTube.)

March 2017 Live Videos:

March 2017 New Music:


* Bandcamp:


A Leaf In The Street: (STL)

Amalghemy: (STL)

Angel Head: (STL)

Angie Fights Crime: (KC)

Atman: (STL)

Autumn Tint: (STL)

Bad Abby: (KC)

Barak Hill: (STL)

Bonus Points: (MO.)

Caleb Ellis: (STL)


Dismal Niche: (Columbia, MO.) - Label

18 & Counting: (STL)

Christensen & Chlapek:

(Columbia, MO. & Chicago, IL.) Collab.


Duane Bridges: (STL)

Eric Hall: (STL)


Farfetched: (STL) - Label

Damon Davis: (STL)


Glory Revival: (KC)

Jai Imani: (STL)

JayRone: (STL)

(Pre-Order for Release In May, no embed available.)

Jeff Kiefer: (STL)

Jordan Pain: (STL)

Low Weather: (STL)

Mala Leche: (STL)

Matt from Bunnygrunt/Googolplexia: (STL)

Middle Class Fashion: (STL)

Mocklove: (Columbia)

Mystified: (STL)

Nathan Andrew Jones: (STL)

Neo Dreams: (KC)

New Tongues: (STL)

Point 5: (STL)

P/T: (STL)

Prosnostication: (KC)

Railhazer: (STL)

Red Kate/Stiff Middle Fingers: (KC)

RipGui: (STL)

Search And Seizure: (KC)


Skingraft Records: (STL) - Label

Yowie: (STL)


Sleepeasies: (STL)

Sonic Meditations: (KC)

Staghorn: (STL)

Soy City Stranglers: (Decatur, IL.)

Supreme Sol: (STL)

The Birthday People: (STL)

The Radio Buzzkills: (STL)

The Walkman: (STL)

Thumpy Sticky: (STL)

Tiger Rider: (STL)

Trauma Harness: (STL)

Two Souls: (STL)

The TCR: (KC)

Uniting The Nation: (USA including STL)

- (Mixtape featuring P.R.E.A.C.H.) -

X O S Music: (KC)

You Monster You: (KC)


* SoundCloud:


18andCounting/Hylidae/BoBoTrio: (STL)

Listen to 18aC/Hylidae/BoBo Trio by 18andCounting #np on #SoundCloud

Anthony Lucius: (STL)

Listen to FLIPS [Instrumental Tape] by Anthony Lucius #np on #SoundCloud

Arney Palmer: (STL)

Listen to ROY - untitled (Prod. Arney Palmer) by Arney Palmer #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to ROY - In The Studio (Feat. Arney Palmer) (Prod. Arney Palmer) by Arney Palmer #np on #SoundCloud

Ashland: (Central IL.)

Listen to Ashland - No Trouble (P/E/M) by MatthewAmelung #np on #SoundCloud

Bagheera: (STL)

Listen to Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun by BAGHEERA (official) #np on #SoundCloud

Basheer: (STL)

Listen to Change The World - How We Think by Basheer #np on #SoundCloud

Bonus Points: (MO.)

Listen to Lost In The Tropics by Bonus Points #np on #SoundCloud

Bradley Palermo: (STL native in CA.)

- *Sound Of Passion, Femme Fatality* -

Listen to Deep Valley Blues by Bradley Palermo #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Hollywood, Hollywood by Bradley Palermo #np on #SoundCloud

Captain: (STL)

Listen to Captain - 2017 (Original Mix) by CAPTAIN #np on #SoundCloud

Centipede: (STL)

Listen to Dilla's dream(givethistohouseshoes) by Centipede #np on #SoundCloud

Corkbrush Field Munity: (STL)

Listen to Trap by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to BRate by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Crucifixion Machine: (STL)

Listen to Crucifixion Machine - Untitled by crucifixionmachine #np on #SoundCloud

Daniel C. Roth: (STL)

Listen to Underrated Whiskey Mate by Daniel C. Roth #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ragged Company by Daniel C. Roth #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to The Heart Hidden Away by Daniel C. Roth #np on #SoundCloud

DJ Forensic: (STL)

Listen to MAARK @ ANTH3M Live 02.24.2017 by Forensic #np on #SoundCloud

Dulad: (STL)

Listen to Progression No. 1 by Dulad Music Curators #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Duane Bridges-Progression No. 2 by Dulad Music Curators #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Plant Music : Volume One (RushfoilI-VIII and Dracaena I-VIII) by Dulad Music Curators #np on #SoundCloud

DT - Raw Deal Ent.: (East STL, IL)

Listen to Why You Tryin To Be Hood by DT (RawDeal Ent) #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to East St. Louis Enter At Your Own Risk The MixTape by DT (RawDeal Ent) #np on #SoundCloud

Funky Butt Brass Band: (STL)

Listen to Jazz At The Bistro, March 24 & 25, 2017 by funkybutt1 #np on #SoundCloud

Jerry Rabushka: (STL)

Listen to Jackson, Tennessee by Jerry Rabushka #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Sometimes by Jerry Rabushka #np on #SoundCloud

John MaxfieldBand: (STL)

Listen to John Maxfield Band - 2 New Recordings from March 2017 Practice/Sessions by Tantrum Niche Records #np on #SoundCloud Jonezy: (STL)

Listen to Forever Free ft. Bobo Bryson and Que Houston by Jonezy on SoundCloud


Listen to a very sad happy birthday by jsmn #np on #SoundCloud

Kyle Walz: (STL)

Listen to Regular Dress by KyleWalz #np on #SoundCloud

Lax Twins: (STL)

Listen to Fini, Congealed by Lax Twins #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Brief Garden by Lax Twins #np on #SoundCloud


*Tweeted Via @SlumfestSTL:

Check out @LILSTL, @Doughboystl and @_OfficialJR Compilation on SoundCloud. @IamMILQ

Listen to Sak Business Da Mob by LIL STL #np on #SoundCloud

Lusid: (STL)

Listen to Lusid - Seeker Ft. Poor Explorer by Lusidelia #np on #SoundCloud

Matty Wood$:

Listen to STAYBROKE (Prod. TapeHook) by Matty Wood$ #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to MAGIC ft ANWAR  (prod. LD bANKO) by Matty Wood$ #np on #SoundCloud

Migor St. Marseille: (STL)

Listen to Platform by Migor St. Marseille #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Put It Down by Migor St. Marseille #np on #SoundCloud

Missouri Raw Relatives: (STL)

Listen to Blocc My Shine by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Boomin by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ring The Alarm freestyle by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Najii Pierson: (STL)

Listen to #314DAY Angel (Prod. by Najii Person) by Najii Person #np on #SoundCloud

N.N.N. Music: (STL)

Listen to Blank Thomas - Fight Me [from Rhizomatic St. Louis Vol. 5] by N.N.N. Cook #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Rich O'Donnell - Dream Voices [C/F 032] by N.N.N. Cook #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Wiggpaw - Far Fairies (excerpt)[C/F 033] by N.N.N. Cook #np on #SoundCloud

Orion Sterling: (STL)

Listen to Glitch Knight OST by Orion Sterling #np on #SoundCloud

Piff: (STL)

Listen to For The Love Pt3( Forgive Me ) by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Unnecessary by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to lonely smoker by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Keep Komin by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to For The Love Pt2 (licks for sell) by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

PolySol: (STL)

Listen to ACEDIA by PolySol #np on #SoundCloud

Ravenhill: (STL Natives now in TN.)

Listen to Devil's Son by Ravenhillrock #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to You'll Go Far Boy by Ravenhillrock #np on #SoundCloud Since 1902: (STL)

Listen to WONDERU by since1902 #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to since1902 - no EP title [RTX003] by RETOX RECORDS #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to hardcore detox by since1902 #np on #SoundCloud

Smino: (STL)

Listen to blkswn by Smino #np on #SoundCloud

Songbird Cafe: (STL)

- Monthly series @ Focal Point.

Listen to Goodnight K-Leen-Fred Friction by Steve St Cyr #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Don't Bet On Me-Jon Bonham by Steve St Cyr #np on #SoundCloud

Streetza Ria: (STL)

Listen to I WAS YOUNG PROD BY DEEZY by Streetza Ria #np on #SoundCloud

Thames: (STL)

Listen to Hummingbird by Thames (STL) #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Memory by Thames (STL) #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Nostalgic Friction by Thames (STL) #np on #SoundCloud

The High Science Project: (STL)

Listen to MaybeInTheMornin' by THEHIGHSCIENCEPROJECT #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ota Benga by THEHIGHSCIENCEPROJECT #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Truth Fine by THEHIGHSCIENCEPROJECT #np on #SoundCloud

The People's Key: (STL)

Listen to Artist Profile by Conscious Keys #np on #SoundCloud

Teszla: (STL)

Listen to FEELS by TESZLA #np on #SoundCloud

Tidecruz: (STL)

Listen to i haven't been outside in days by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to tape1, sideB by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to fornow, iguessthisisfine by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to youtriedyourbest, andthatswhatcounts by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Tight Pants Syndrome: (STL)

Listen to Hes A Hassle by Tight Pants Syndrome #np on #SoundCloud

T-LOC Da Kingpin: (STL)

Listen to VERSITILIC FLOWS by T-LOC DA KINGPIN #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to I SPEAK OF Em by T-LOC DA KINGPIN #np on #SoundCloud

Tommy Hollarran: (STL) Listen to Satisfied Mind by tommyhalloran #np on #SoundCloud

Tony St. Clair: (STL)

Listen to Holy Ground (Instrumental) by Tony St. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Tory Z. Starbuck: (STL)

Listen to Lead Pipe (Tory Starbuck Project) by Tory Z Starbuck #np on #SoundCloud

We Are Warm: (STL)

Listen to Shared by We Are Warm #np on #SoundCloud

Zinn City: (STL)

Listen to Money Back by Zinn City #np on #SoundCloud