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Saturday, April 8, 2017

#ToastToChuck - A tribute to the #STL #MUSIC : #ROCK Legend @ChuckBerry

#ToastToChuck time. Pokey La Farge is right we do need to grieve Chuck Berry. However, right now is the time that people all over St. Louis and beyond are raising their glass to our city's rock and roll legend. It is very nice that the family of Chuck Berry has opened viewing to the public at The Pageant and it is amazing to see how one person can touch the lives of so many people. Inspiration is a funny and interesting thing. In honor of you Chuck, St. Louis salutes you Mr. Chuck Berry! May you rest in peace.

Russ Ballard of the band Argent wrote that God gave rock and roll to you. Then Petra decided that was true also. KISS even followed suit and proclaimed the same. Elvis was once quoted to say that Chuck Berry is the true king of rock and roll. Regardless, he is a legend and a true innovator of music. If you are from St. Louis you more than likely consider him to be the Father of rock and roll. His music speaks for itself and you can listen to his catalog below. Followed by that is another playlist of St. Louis rock acts that are all inspired by the music of Chuck Berry. Thanks for your passion and contribution to our town, to music and to rock and roll. Here's to you, Chuck.