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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

@siamesetheband this Friday 4/7 w/ @kidscimusic @caveofswords @FoamSTL

Siamese (TX) is in town this Friday, April 7th at Foam with Kid Scientist and CaveofswordS both supplying local support. The show starts at 8 PM and goes until midnight. Visit HERE for the official event page on Facebook for the rest of the details.

Siamese is the glam rock band of four theatrically inclined friends from Dallas, TX. Mixing ominous art pop with opulent set design and deranged alter egos, their live show makes you feel like you could go out and invent a new color, or wear a leotard to work.

The group’s debut release The Mesmerist, tracked with producer Alex Bhore at the studio Elmwood Recording and was released just last month. With two monolithic bookends and a slew of twists in between, the record treks through the charming, soothing and savage, with lyrics inspired by sociopathic film characters and a few shades of identity crisis.

"CaveofswordS is a dream-pop project based out of St. Louis, led by vocalist Sunyatta McDermott. They released their lead single, “Lately” today, off of their forthcoming album, Sigils due out on 3/10. Dark and atmospheric, McDermott’s vocals are simultaneously breathy and soaring, accompanying an elegantly dreamy, sinister minor melodic synth and electric guitar. Within the track, there are nods to both 80s new wave and late 90s pop rock thanks to the seamless blend of infectious electronic drums and McDermott’s vocal prowess, underpinned by a grittier guitar line than we’re used to hearing in this brand of electro."


"Mixing cabaret, electronica and calliope influences in its test tube, Kid Scientist causes a chemical reaction of fun without the annoying side effects of explosions and stinky gas. Indeed, the band's songs "Micro Boy" and "Murder On The Dance Floor" would make a fine soundtrack to a Broadway musical about a chemistry student who uses oleader extractto kill off his high school bullies. Or, less sinister. KS could score a nice movie about the wonders of space. Either way, Kid Scientist also paid attention during AP English and Pop-Culture History classes, because the band's Facebook updates are informative, articulate and hi-freaking-larious."

- Allison Babka (Riverfront Times)

This week's #VIDEOOFTHEWEEK! is by Kid Scientist from years ago, but it is fun to watch. This is a playlist below of videos and CaveofswordS is also three videos back from a previous post. Enjoy.