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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

86 @Bandcamp @Soundcloud February 2017 New Releases/Pre-Orders & @GoFundMe @PledgeMusic Pre-Orders

This month is another whopper of a post for new releases for February of 2017. There are eighty-six artists in all with new releases for purchase or download and there are a few pre-orders in the mix along with a crowdfunding campaign or two. Not to mention, three compilations originally released in 1988 by KWUR and are now available digitally on top of that other new music. There is a twenty-five percent increase in artists featured this month compared to the last. This post features pretty much every genre you can think of from artists located all around the area. If you missed last month's releases just visit HERE for January's new releases!

*GoFundMe -

The Scandelaros: (STL)


*PledgeMusic -

Story Of The Year: (STL)


*Bandcamp -

Abjure: (KC)

Adam Evolving: (KC)

Anodes: (STL)

Atman: (STL)

Barak Hill: (Springfield)

BB Eye: (Knob-Nobster, MO.)

Beth Bombara: (STL)

Boys Club: (STL)

Chasm: (STL)

Delora: (Joplin)

Destination Space Station: (STL)

Dylan Brady: (STL)

Ensemble Of Irreproducible Outcomes: (KC)

Ha Ha Tonka: (STL)

Ford Fanter:(STL)

Fragile Farm: (STL)

Iron Blood & Death Corporation: (Mexico, MO.)

Jack Fister: (STL)

Jordan Pain: (STL)

Kemet The Phantom: (KC)

Khayfyne: (STL)


(KWUR) - (STL) *Radio Station

Beach Bodies: (STL)

Glued: (STL)

WUMAC Vol. 1 Compilation:

WUMAC Vol. 2 Compilation:

WUMAC Vol. 3 Compilation:


Matt Otto: ( KC)

Meatshank: (KC)

Miry Wild: (KC)

Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association:

(Hannibal) 1st release & (Independence) 2nd release.

Momma's Boy: (KC)


(Murder Cow Records) : (STL) *Label

Nicotine Overdose: (STL)


Mother Meat: (STL)

Mystified: (STL)

Nathan Andrew Jones: (STL)

Natural Child: (STL)

New Tongues: (Columbia)

Overtake: (STL)

Prototaph: (Springfield)

P/T: (STL)

Romiie Rome: (KC)

Scout Alexandra: (KC)

Shiner: (KC)

Since Hector Was A Pup: (STL)


(Skin Graft Records) - (STL) *Label

Yowie: (STL)


STL Free Jazz Collective:

The Chair Enthusiasts: (STL)

The Old Field Victory: (KC)

The Opera Bell Band: (STL)

The Vanilla Beans: (STL)

Thomas Ferkol: (STL)

Tidecruz: (KC)

Time Walk: (Springfield)

Traveler: (STL)

Tuck Canstienn: (STL)

Warm Bodies: (KC)


*SoundCloud -


Aireez DaRychuss: (STL)

Baqbeet: (STL)

Basheer: (STL)

Captain: (STL)

Centipede: (STL)

Chel: (STL)

Deloney: (STL)

Dre Vocalz: (STL)

Half Moon: (Columbia)

Indyground Ent. : (KC)

Hello JiZoo: (STL)

Indiana Rome: (STL)

Jake Weisman: (STL)

Neil And Adam: (STL)

Nine Rabbits Laughing: (STL)

Profit 314: (STL)

Rev Dellic: (STL)

Rick Killian: (STL)

Streetza Ria: (STL)

Tef Poe: (STL)

The Coil Of Sihn: (STL)

(No widget available, visit link above to stream.)

The TCR: (KC)

Tony St. Clair: (STL)

Truth Clipsy: (STL)

Versatile Mafia: (STL)

Zachary Friederich: (STL native in IL.)

Zinn City: (STL)