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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

@MancusoConcerts presents: @Otepofficial w/ @TCONband plus @Saence @leftoverprimate #Carolanne on 3/12 @FirebirdSTL

It's going down Sunday, March 12th at The Firebird. Mancuso Concerts presents social change advocates Otep (Los Angeles, CA.) with guests The Convalescence (Toledo, Ohio) along with Saint Louis original acts Saence, Human Pollution and Carolanne. This is an all-ages show. Tickets are available from all of the STL bands, in addition to getting them online in advance for $15. Otherwise, it will cost $20 day of the show. The doors open at 5:30 pm and the show starts at 6:00 pm. It will be over by 11 pm. Visit HERE for the official event page on Facebook for more info. Now let's take a look at the artists involved and their music below. Also included is an album review of the latest by Saence entitled "Relics".


Visit Otep on the website HERE for music & merch, hit them up on the socials at Facebook or Twitter.

The Convalescence:

Visit The Convalescence online at their merch store HERE or their label HERE, follow them on the socials at Facebook or Twitter.


"Relics" by Saence review:

Saence released "Relics" this past October of 2016 at a Halloween showcase/CD Release show at The Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville, IL. after debuting some of their new stuff on 105.7 fm The Point's local show. Dean, Tim, Rya, Jackie all produced this six-song album on location with Shock City Studios. This latest effort by the band flows eloquently and Dean explained that they are really proud of the hard work put in on this album and that they think it is their best, so far. From the lyrics, to the songwriting and the overall sound of "Relics". It shows and it is noticed when you listen to it. But first, one must think to themselves of one key word. That is Saence. Close your eyes, imagine candles burning, the mystic smoke in the back round, cloaked figures in the darkness, symbolism and imagery, etc. You get the picture now. Track one "Pretty Sorry" has a fluent intro that embraces the listener, once engaged in the sound it provides a punchy-hook that leads into a song structure that shows the band's continued growth and sophistication on all fronts. The song seems to be about a failed relationship of some sort that had to be ended from the perspective of one that did everything they could to help. Surely, it is a stand out track. The second song "Red Flag" seems self-explanatory enough. It has some cool guitar work in it too and also some interesting triplets thrown in on the rhythm section during the chorus. "Chinese Up" is another stand out song. One might guess upon listening to it that it was named this appropriately by the oriental sounding guitar work and the up beat groove to it. "Lust(Er)" is another good one. One might sense some slight sexual undertones to this song. Musically, it has interesting ideas and the vocals shine on this one. Finally, "Into Forever" is track six. It is the longest of them and this one really stood out upon multiple listens of this disk. From it's subtle beginning to the crescendo progression at the end that one-eighties into the intro vibe upon first listen it is truly amazing to hear. Dynamic and powerful and well thought out. "Relics" is not going to be a relic anytime soon in many a listener's album collection.

Purchase Saence "Relics" on CDBaby or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Human Pollution:

Visit them on their website HERE or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Carolanne recently added a new vocalist, Michael Meyer. He is also the vocalist of Thieves To Kings. In addition, they also added a new bassist named Scott Rehme.

For more info. on Carolanne give their Facebook page a like HERE.