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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Illphonics, Cronus, The Stone Sugar Shakedown, The Scandaleros & The Eclectic Contact Run #STL #MUSIC

The Eclectic Contact Run is three men that have been working on their collaboration since the end of 2010 in their basement in Dogtown. They are a Rock, Blues, Alternative style of group which recently changed their name from "Ponder Point". They initially shared this track on the fan page on Facebook and I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw that it was a practice recording done in a basement, it is just that you never know what you are going to get. I was pleasantly surprised and this track has some good songwriting and I especially enjoyed the melody and vocals. Watch for these guys in the near future at a venue near you. May I introduce you to their song, "Money & Women"? Note: Their dog is jokingly referred to as their manager, tech, hype-girl on facebook.

The Illphonics have a new EP coming out in February on the 21st. Watch the website for details. Their next show in St. Louis is this Friday at the Old Rock House for a battle to win a spot on WAKARUSA 2012. View the event HERE. Also performing is The Elemental Shakedown, The Scandaleros, Cronus & also The Stone Sugar Shakedown. Below this song are three live tracks from artists on this bill, two of which you can download, except the last one.

(Click Sound Cloud logo to go download.)

Also, Isaac Cherry, the drummer for The Ragged Blade Band has been recording some different type of music on his personal Sound Cloud account. One example is that he is doing some "Blues" drum tracks by themselves and offering them to others to cut and splice for their own beats. His group does turn-of-the-century style of music with all sorts of influences in there.