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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jeff Riley Jazz Suite, Lantern Lights, The Mhurs, Bear Hive & VOTW by Fivefold! #STL #MUSIC

Just a little over ten years ago The Jeff Riley Jazz Suite debuted in CCM's Watson Hall. Initially, the orchestra was created, performed and analyzed for the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music. This was his gift to his father on his birthday that particular year. Touching story. Be sure to stop by the website to learn about the evolution of this jazz fusion orchestra. This is their most popular song on their self-titled album. Catch them at the Casa Loma Ballroom on Friday, February 24th with a twenty-four piece, contemporary swing band known as the St. Louis Big Band. Check out "Reggae Soul" below:

(Click Sound Cloud logo, bottom right, to download.)

The Lantern Lights are fixing to release their first album at Foam on Saturday, February 25th with support from The Mhurs and Bear Hive. HERE is the link to the show on Facebook. The band consists of me and Kari Wasoba, with assistance from Ryan Wasoba (formerly of So Many Dynamos) and Dan Meehan (Humdrum, The Floating City). Kari had the following to share with me, "We recorded the album ourselves in comfortable spaces around St. Louis, and we're pretty happy with how it turned out." Here are three tracks of the album to check out now, so you can be the judge for yourself. Also, you will find three pieces of music by The Mhurs and Bear Hive underneath the three Lantern Lights songs. They are as follows:

#VideoOfTheWeek! this week is brought to you by Fivefold. They performed at Pop's Concert Venue this past Wednesday evening acoustic before Hurt performed their acoustic set. They recently endured the loss of their guitar player Jesse Berlin. This is a tribute to him, he died at the age of twenty-one. You can watch the video below, know that they have a free show at The Firebird this Friday night. Then on Saturday night, they will be at Pop's Concert Venue for the Pop's Stage Pointfest Video Release. Just click on the venue links in red for each particular event page on the given venue websites. Here is this week's video of the week!