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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Glitch Factor, Io Media & #VideoOfTheWeek by 30aut6! #STL #MUSIC

Justin Fisher released a new electronic track that features his friend and former band mate in Murder Happens, Paul Wood. Paul is the drummer and runs the Pro Tools for them, but here you get to hear him play the bass on this effort, "The Truth" by Justin under the Glitch Factor monicker.

Io Media consists of Mason Brown on guitar/vocals, Alex Beaven on guitar, Peter Wyrostek on bass and Jim Hughes on drums. They are a post-rock and experimental type of group that not only writes and produces their own music, but visuals to go along with the music. Something new I stumbled on this past week for you, it's called, "Knowledge".

This week's #VideoOfTheWeek! is by 30aut6 of Valier, IL. they recently had their CD Release party and this is a song called, "Perfect" from that event.