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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Download by The Feed, VOTW by Agents Of Inflluence! #STL #MUSIC

The Feed is coming to your TV set this Friday courtesy of the Chevy Music Showcase. Episodes air each Friday on KMOV-TV / Channel 4 between 6:50 - 7:00 am, 11:25 - 11:30 pm, and 11:54 - 12:00 midnight. Grab their track "Stella" for free below or stream it to check them out, as well as the showcase to follow it each week as it unfolds. This week's episode features them at the Venice Cafe. If you missed the recent launch party, HERE is what you missed.

(Click on Sound Cloud logo to download.)

The #VideoOfTheWeek! this week is by Agents Of Influence, they will be at Just Bills Place on January 28th.