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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post #50: Peach *Exclusive* & 4 New Rock U Fest Artists! Plus, Sicklove!

So, this post is cool to me, I hope it is to you also. It's the 50th here and wasn't sure how things would be at this point, or whether they would "be" at all, but here we are. I have the Sicklove track from last week's Rock U Fest announcements, so I will include that at the bottom after the four newly announced Rock U Fest artists. But first, I have an STLMU *Exclusive* which I'm excited about, I know Alex is too. He is from the group Peach and they have their CD Release this weekend at The Heavy Anchor. It takes place on Saturday, Aug. 20th & starts @ 9pm. It is FREE to get in & it is FREE to drink PBR. Provided you are 21 or older. This is a 21 + show. HERE is the event on facebook and Peach will be sharing the stage with Bruiser Queen & Ellon The Felon And The Mattronome. The CD is called,"Far From The Tree" and they will have it available for $5 at the show. HERE is a brief review I made as a courtesy to the band for submitting this track to the blog and giving me the exclusive on it. They do not have the music anywhere online yet. By the way, the picture above is their show poster, made by Jason Potter. It is based off of the theme that Peach picked and had photographed by Corey Woodruff. Enjoy streaming and or downloading this gift by the group Peach:

Peach - Itty Bitty City Committee by stlmusiciansunite

Rock U Fest just announced four more acts to the bill for Sept. 24th, here they are as follows: Scene Of Irony, Dear Genre, The Last Round & Since 1902. All of these tracks are downloadable. Catch Dear Genre and Since 1902 at LouFest this year also.

Scene Of Irony - Aftershock by rockufest

Dear Genre - Juliet Wears Romeo by rockufest-3

Dear Genre is playing at LouFest coming up, they are one of the high school acts that are playing on the (Area K) stage, in addition they will be at Rock U Fest! Here is some footage from their show at the Pageant recently, it is 1 0f 2 parts. This is our #Video Of The Week!

Last Round, The - Three Ten Ten by rockufest-3

*Note: This track is just a demo that was made on an I-pod, just so they have something to represent themselves with, actual recordings to come in the future. This will at least give you an idea of what they sound like.

Since 1902 - Time Shares by rockufest-3

*Also, this was one of last week's Rock U Fest artists that were announced, I gave them video of the week last week to represent them. Now I have their track, so once again, here is Sicklove:

Sicklove - BreakDown by rockufest

*Until next time!