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Monday, August 22, 2011

Post #51 feat. four new Rock U Fest 2011 additions!

Rock U Fest 2011 just announced four new acts to the lineup! The total is now up to twenty-eight acts, so far. Man Eating Tiger, The Sudden Impact, Something Heroic & Doubleshot were just added. Below are downloads for Something Heroic and Doubleshot, plus a track that you can stream for Man Eating Tiger, I do not have a track for The Sudden Impact yet. However, to represent them for now they are this week's #Video Of The Week! More to come on the blog this week. I have two featured shows this week to promote the artist's show and free download they are offering. Look for that on Tuesday at the earliest. Enjoy.

Man Eating Tiger - Bleeding Out (Radio Edit) by rockufest2

Something Heroic - Don't Pass the Time by rockufest

Doubleshot - Cover Me by rockufest