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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Post #49 Next four Rock U Fest artists & Lou Fest artist Since 1902 EP available:

Buxom Space Fish, Panic Attack, Toilet Water and Sicklove were announced as confirmed acts to the Rock U Fest 2011 festival just yesterday. Toilet Water is a "revolving door" rock/funk/rap type of band that Ruka Puff is the front-man for. The Buxom Space Fish track is downloadable and the Panic Attack, Toilet Water tracks are just for streaming only, you can purchase them on their websites if you like. I have not received a track for Sicklove, but will add it later on to a post, if I receive one from them. So, instead of a track by them they have our #Video Of The Week, I happened to attend this show at the Firebird Saturday night and my friend Darrell from St. Luniverse was there filming it for Sicklove.

Buxom Space Fish - When Dino-bots Attack! by rockufest

Panic Attack - Stay Awhile by rockufest

Toilet Water - Kiss My Ass by rockufest

Since 1902 will be performing at Lou Fest in the coming weeks on the (Area K) stage. This is their most recent EP, there is no minimum price to download this. But you can name your price and pay them for what you think it's worth or what you can to support them too.