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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#Post 48, here are the next 4 Rock U Fest announced artists!

As you may know, every Monday, Rock U Fest announces four more acts to their bill. Here are the newest one's with their particular track. The first one is Mr. I!

Mr. I - Do What We Want by rockufest

The second is Revence!

Revence - Invincible Girl by rockufest

The third is the Midwest Avengers! In addition, they bring us this week's #Video Of The Week!

Midwest Avengers - Sometimes by rockufest

The fourth is Spiral-Shaped Mind!

Spiral-Shaped Mind - DNR (Do Not Recessitate) by rockufest

Four more, coming next Monday! See our Rock U Fest tab to "like" and "follow" the artists on facebook and twitter instantly!