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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Post #47 w/ Kharma & Shadow Thieves:

Kharma and Shadow Thieves will both be at the Ten Mile House on Saturday, August 13th. Kharma hasn't performed in a while, so this is big for them, they are working on recording their album right now. The two tracks below are downloadable and are from their demo. HERE is the event page on facebook. Also, below Kharma's two tracks is a live track that Casey from Kharma and also the band Cronus recorded. I have permission to post this from the singer of Shadow Thieves. It is from Casey's show on Rock Town Radio.

KharmA - Second Place Shelf by Casey Govero

KharmA - Heaven by Casey Govero

The Shadow Thieves - Blacklight Rain by Casey Govero

*Stay tuned for this week's #Video Of The Week & also the new Rock U Fest 2011 additions that were announced this Monday! Still waiting on a couple of artists tracks.