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Friday, July 14, 2017

100's of @Bandcamp @SoundCloud June New Releases/Pre-Orders, @GoFundMe @Indiegogo, @YouTube #STL #MUSIC Exclusives!

June of 2017 has come and gone, but this year's new music keeps pouring in. Of course, you can discover new music and catch the artists you know about already here with the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Plus, now incorporated into the format are exclusive releases by your favorite media outlets locally (in no particular order) and contains YouTube new releases broken down into three playlists! If you follow @STLMU on the socials you were introduced to the many other playlists in the works there, as well as the 14 genre playlists on Spotify. Those are always a click away here from the blog on the tabs feature. Look for YouTube STL and #STLouify for them. Visit the STL Promo Paradigm for links to even more publications if you are an artist looking to send out press releases and such. If you missed the May new releases post visit HERE for that. This post starts off with the crowdfunding links, then the local media exclusives, followed by the YouTube playlists. After that, the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Some of the pre-orders are mixed in with the various releases. Enjoy.


The Scandelaros:(STL)



Tommy Halloran: (STL)


* STL Today:

- St. Louis Native Sza Releases Debut Album

- Illphonics Mixing Things Up On It's New Album Purple Piano Society

* RFT Music:

- Illphonics Reaches Back To It's High-School Roots With Purple Piano Society

- STL Singer Kahsans Surprise Proposal Music Video Gets 180K Views In One Month

- Brian Owens Releases New Soul-Soaked Cover Of Johnny Cash Classic

- Introducing The STL 77 Acts That Make St. Louis Sing


* St. Louis Magazine:

- Meet The Man Who Makes Music With Plants

- Everything Is Coming Up Roses For Jenny Roques

- Now Hear This: Local Music Notes For Thursday, June 15th

- Now Hear This: Local Music Notes For Thursday, June 8th


* Alive Magazine:

- Fear No Man, A Performance By St. Louis Rapper Arshad Goods


Listen to Ha Ha Tonka: Live at KDHX 5/19/17 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

- Join the KDHX Fan Club for insider exclusives & downloads:

- To listen to archived KDHX show playlists visit HERE.


* The Moon Zine:


* STL Jazz Notes:

- So What? Local News, Notes And Links: June 30th

- So What? Local News, Notes And Links: June 23th

- So What? Local News, Notes And Links: June 16th

- So What? Local News, Notes And Links: June 9th

- So What? Local News, Notes And Links: June 2nd

* Rock Paper Podcast: (STL)

- (Visit HERE for this month's podcasts as Shane Presley features at least 3 new podcasts weekly.)

Listen to Ahna Schoenhoff - Cool Down (Live on Rock Paper Podcast) by Rock Paper Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

* STL Community Cast:

Listen to Mvstermind by STL Community Cast #np on #SoundCloud

* St. Louis Blues Society:

- "16 In 16 Compilation"

- Check out for the May/June New Bluesletter.

* National Blues Museum: (STL)

- (Stream live video performances HERE.)

* Euclid Records: (STL)

Euclid Records "In-Store Sessions" on 45's now available.


* 105.7 The Point: (STL)

- ("The Local Show" hosted by Cornbread on Sun. nights right HERE.)

- Stream songs played so far this year on 105.7 The Point's Local Show by this #STLMU playlist on Spotify.


* Via Venues:

The Crack Fox:

(Rapture is a residency celebrating 12 years of dark music culture.)

(DJ Forensic also spins at Rapture, plus monthly events there like Conspiracy & Anth3m.)

The Sheldon:

Listen to The Sheldon 2017-2018 Season by sheldonstl #np on #SoundCloud

*Visit the #STLouify tab for more playlists by The Pageant, Blueberry Hill's Duck Room & Delmar Hall.


June 2017 New Videos:

June 2017 New Live Videos:

June 2017 New Music:


* Artist Exclusives via website, etc. :

B-Juled: (STL) 

Bradley Palermo: (STL native in CA)

Cory Grindberg: (STL)

Decadent Nation: (Columbia)

Everett Dean: (STL)

Hooten Hallers: (Columbia)

Illphonics: (STL)

Indyground: (KC) - Label

Irritable Hedgehog: (KC) - Label

Missouri Dirty Dollars: (KC)

Official Site:


CD Baby:


Subversal Records: (Columbia, MO)

Suzie Cue: (STL)

Tim Pilcher & Monica Lord: (Columbia, MO)

Tony Crown: (STL)

Y.Samuel (STL)


* Bandcamp:

Aaron: (STL)

Ackurate Tha Wise: (East STL, IL)

Amalghemy: (STL)

American Poetry Club: (STL)

Angel Of Deth: (STL)

Anode Records: (STL) - Label

Another Neglected Hobby: (MO)

Anthony Lucius: (East St. Louis, IL)

Audio Vulture: (STL)

Bane Union: (KC)

Bastard: (STL)

Bearcub: (STL)

Brad Wallace: (STL) Brain Pal: (STL)

Brian Bulger: (Columbia, MO)

Cory Grindberg: (STL)

Darryl Reese: (STL)

Devon Bott: (STL)

Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet:

Earth To Sender: (STL)

Edgefield C. Johnston: (STL)

Endseeker U.S. : (Cape Girardeau)

Eric Hall: (STL)

Family Medicine: (STL)

Felnyri: (IL)

Fletch: (STL)

Gary Juicy: (STL)

Giant Monsters On The Horizon: (STL)

Griffin Trapp: (STL)

Hayalet: (MO)

Hopeisstayhidden: (STL)


Iron Blood & Death Corporation: (Mexico, MO)

Jacob Lundy: (STL)

James Hegarty: (STL)

Jim Miles: (STL)

Joe Dillstrom: (Springfield, MO)

Jon Sheffield: (Hallsville, MO)

Jordan Gonzalez: (STL)

Jordan Pain: (STL)

Josh Bryant: (St. Charles)

Kids And Chemicals: (Springfield, MO)

Knoisemaker: (STL)

Mad Keys: (STL)

Man Of Destiny: (STL)

Michael Robertson: (Columbia, MO)

Mike Robertson: (Columbia)

Mom: (STL)

Money For Guns: (STL)

Mother Meat: (STL)

Mystified: (STL)

Nathan Andrew Jones: (STL)

(Physical CD Now Available)

New Tongues: (STL)

(Limited Edition Cassette Now Available.)

Nilly Rx: (STL)

Nosugrof: (STL)

Ordinary Things: (STL)

Other People: (STL)

Paper Kite: (STL)

Railhazer: (STL)

Ric Gordon: (KC)

Rusty Nail: (STL)

Sam Golden: (STL)

San Mateo: (KC)

Savage Void: (KC)

Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits: (KC)

SC The Second: (STL)

Searching For Nostalgia: (Springfield, MO)

Secret Sessions: (MO.)

Secular Era: (Kirksville, MO)

Silent Times: (MO)

Sleepeasies: (STL)

Smidley: (STL)

Sons Of Vulcan: (STL)

Storno: (STL)

Suburban Commandos: (STL)

Sweat Shoppe: (STL)

Sweet Milk: (Columbia, MO)

Tangible G. : (STL)

The Autumn After: (Springfield, MO)

(Physical CD Now Available)

The Fighting Side: (STL) - Out July 1st

The Former Me: (STL)

The Monolithic: (STL)

The Savage Bastards: (STL)

Solid Waste: (STL)

Throat Breach: (STL)

Tidecruz: (STL)

Timothy: (STL)

Traveler: (STL)

Tristano: (STL)

Two Cities One World: (STL)

Witch Jail: (KC)

Youth Pool: (KC)


* SoundCloud:

18andCounting: (STL)

Listen to Roaches by 18andCounting #np on #SoundCloud

314 Boys:

Listen to 314 Boys 314 Boys by 314 Boys 314 Boys #np on #SoundCloud

Alvin Zamudio: (St. Charles)

Andrew Ryan & The Travelers: (STL)

Listen to Andrew Ryan- Aint It Obvious by Andrew Ryan & The Travelers #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Andrew Ryan- 9th Street by Andrew Ryan & The Travelers #np on #SoundCloud

Baby Doll Records: (STL) - Studio

Listen to RAMONA DEFLOWERED - Lampshade by BabyDollRecords #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Crazy XXX Girlfriend - Right Hand Man by BabyDollRecords #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Johnny Saint - Other Girls by BabyDollRecords #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Papa G - Acapulco Gold by BabyDollRecords #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Electric Idols - Part 1 by BabyDollRecords #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Electric Idols - Part 2 by BabyDollRecords #np on #SoundCloud

Batty Music: (STL)

Listen to Time Thief (Rough Demo) by BattyMusic #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Test Drive by BattyMusic #np on #SoundCloud

Bo & The Locomotive: (STL)

Listen to Mistakes 2017 by Bo and the Locomotive #np on #SoundCloud

Bonus Points: (STL)

Listen to Happy Hour by Bonus Points #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Venice Beach ft. Jeff Kaale by Bonus Points #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Bonus Points - Hold Please (Chillhop Essentials - Summer 2017 Out Now) by Chillhop Music #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Migos - Bad And Boujee (Bonus Points Edit) by Bonus Points #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Whippin (ft. bbno$) [prod. DJ Hoppa x Silly Kid] by Yung Gravy #np on #SoundCloud

Bloom: (STL)

Listen to Bloom - VISION (osno1 remixx) by osno1 #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Bloom - VISION (osno1 remixx) by osno1 #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Bloom - Vision (Febral Nox Bootleg Remix) by Febral_Nox #np on #SoundClou

Break Night: (STL)

Listen to WDGAF - Bootlegs and Remixes by Break Night #np on #SoundCloud

Captain: (STL)

Listen to Captain - Paws (Original Mix) by CAPTAIN #np on #SoundCloud

Captured Planet: (STL)

Listen to Occams Razor(Form Follows Function) by Captured Planet #np on #SoundCloud

Carl Pandolfi: (STL)

Listen to takyo breakwith me new "mix" by Carl Pandolfi #np on #SoundCloud

Centipede: (STL)

Listen to Mask Off (Centipede's After Hours Mix) by Centipede #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Put your feet on my rug(remix) by Centipede #np on #SoundCloud

Corkbrush Field Mutiny: (STL)

Listen to Ryan Adams (by Chad Winch/Mike McClanahan) full band v2 by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to The Resistance by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Cory Grindbergh: (STL)

Listen to uma by cory grindberg #np on #SoundCloud

Cory Miller: (STL)

Listen to BANDAID DEMO 001. (the who) by doryymiller #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to BANDAID DEMO 003. (i got drunk tonight feat. don't care) by doryymiller #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Don't Pretend Like You Didn't Hear This (ft. Cory Miller) by SirEddieC #np on #SoundCloud

Daniel C. Roth: (STL)

Danny Dwyer: (STL native in CA.)

Listen to one for carl duckworth by danny dwyer #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to 2 flips in a day by danny dwyer #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to try me on my landline by danny dwyer #np on #SoundCloud

Deloney: (STL)

Listen to NO FRIEND ZONE | prod. by deloney by Deloney #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Immaculate Pt 2 ft. Deloney by PremoGotThat #np on #SoundCloud

DJ Abomination: (STL)

Listen to Southern Passion (Trap R&B/ The Weeknd type beat) $9.99 by Dj Abomination #np on #SoundCloud

Drew Vocalz: (STL)

Listen to P.StreetsxDrea Vocalz - What it Means Yuki by Alexzander Holmes #np on #SoundCloud

Eric Donte: (STL)

Listen to Eric Donte and the Angel of Deth by EXIST Magazine #np on #SoundCloud

Flatwoods: (St. Paul/STL)

Listen to Heart's Untie by Flatwoods #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Kansas Twang by Flatwoods #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to County Faithful by Flatwoods #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to James Pain (Misery) by Flatwoods #np on #SoundCloud

Fuego Bentley: (KC)

Listen to Good Vibes LP by Fuego Bentley #np on #SoundCloud

Half Moon: (STL)

Listen to coolpooldemo by Half Moon #np on #SoundCloud

Illphonics: (STL)

Listen to iLLPHONiCS - Heights by The Record Machine #np on #SoundCloud

Indiana Rome: (STL)

Listen to Indiana Rome &a MBz LIVE - 4MyDawgz (Prod. by Indiana Rome & Vega Heartbreak) by indianarome #np on #SoundCloud


Listen to Close To You by JBJR #np on #SoundCloud

John Donovan: (STL)

Listen to Preincarnation [acoustic] by JohnDonovan #np on #SoundCloud

Jordan Baumstark: (STL)

Listen to Day Dreaming by Jordan Baumstark #np on #SoundCloud

JuptrJuptr: (STL)

Listen to Lovely by juptrjuptr #np on #SoundCloud

Khori: (STL)

Listen to Lou - That's Right (prod. by Jackpot) by Khori& #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Long Nights (prod. by Syk Sense) by Khori⁴ #np on #SoundCloud

Kids And Chemicals: (Springfield)

Listen to Blue Eyed Girl by Kids and Chemicals #np on #SoundCloud

King Of Baris: (STL)

Listen to New Song! K*O*B - She Got A Hurricane Booty by K*O*B #np on #SoundCloud

Kyle Walz: (STL)

Listen to Keepin Dry by KyleWalz #np on #SoundCloud

Lax Twins: (STL)

Listen to Imp of the Perverse by Lax Twins #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Jellysuckling by Lax Twins #np on #SoundCloud

Lil Juan: (STL)

Listen to SAFE HOUSE ft. WY & PHARO by LIL JUAN #np on #SoundCloud

Michelle Bonacquisti: (STL)

Listen to Done EP by Michelle Bonacquisti #np on #SoundCloud

Mizzery Raw Relatives:

Listen to Mizzery gangsta by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to For a reason by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Static freestyle by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Novena: (STL)

Listen to the Shuffle (demo) by Novena #np on #SoundCloud

Oddsoul: (STL)

Listen to 24.Matt Klose-I see trouble by Oddsoul Sound #np on #SoundCloud

Paper Kite: (STL)

Listen to Poor People Music 2016 by PaperKite #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Other material by PaperKite #np on #SoundCloud

Piff: (STL)

Listen to Dead by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

Polysol: (STL)

Listen to Sober by PolySol #np on #SoundCloud

Prehistoric Turtlesaurus: (STL)

Listen to pizza planet by P/T #np on #SoundCloud


Listen to Keep It Thoro Nilla #RIPProdigy by Profit314 #np on #SoundCloud

Rabbit With A Habbit: (STL)

Listen to IT GETS ME HIGH by rabbit with a habbit #np on #SoundCloud

Rez: (STL)

Listen to REZ - Resistance EP showreel by REZ #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to REZ - Killing Time [free dl] by REZ #np on #SoundCloud

Richie Callison: (STL native in CA)

Listen to The man U want me 2 B by Richie Callison #np on #SoundCloud

Sari: (STL)

Listen to Live @ Highest Power (FER- Upstairs Lounge - St. Louis, MO - 2017-05-31 by SARI #np on #SoundCloud

Since 1902: (STL)

Listen to SEA SHELL by since1902 #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to FE5E by since1902 #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to A MILLION APPEARANCES by since1902 #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to NYÚJTHATÓ by since1902 #np on #SoundCloud

Sons Of Vulcan: (STL)

Listen to Perimeter Gods by Sons Of Vulcan #np on #SoundCloud

Streetza Ria: (STL)

(Visit the link below for even more by Streetza Ria):

Surge Jordan: (STL)

Listen to CITA by surge jordan #np on #SoundCloud

The Eye Jabs: (STL)

Listen to Fundestoryer by The Eye Jabs #np on #SoundCloud

Tidecruz: (STL)

Listen to , in the pattern by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to i know what i'm doing by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to belong by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to pulling me under by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

T-Loc Da Kingpin: (STL)

Listen to KINGPIN PIMP GOD MIX(2) by T-LOC DA KINGPIN #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to KINGPIN PIMP GOD by T-LOC DA KINGPIN #np on #SoundCloud

Tony St. Clair: (STL)

Listen to Entirely Ready (Unspoken) by Tony St. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Made Direct Amends (Unspoken) by Tony St. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Became Willing (Unspoken) by Tony St. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Humbly Asked Him (Unspoken) by Tony St. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to The Gray Area by Tony St. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Tory Z. Starbuck: (STL)

Listen to Hollywood Disappeared (by The Tory Starbuck Project) by Tory Z Starbuck #np on #SoundCloud

Tristano: (STL)

Listen to the monk [full tape] by tristaño #np on #SoundCloud

Utonium: (STL)

Listen to Upon Us by UtoNiuM #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to UtoNiuM X FAllEX - Takeover by UtoNiuM #np on #SoundCloud

Vanilla Gorilla: (STL)

Listen to Crucial Conflict "Hay" (Vanilla Gorilla remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Vanilla Gorilla #np on #SoundCloud

Warrior Drum Recordings: (STL)

Listen to Storno - Child's Play [WARD012] (Out Now) by Warrior Drum Recordings #np on #SoundCloud

Woods: (STL)

Listen to From the W O O D S by W O O D S #np on #SoundCloud

Young Gravy:

Listen to Pillow Fight [prod. vbnd] by Yung Gravy #np on #SoundCloud

Zachary Friederich: (STL native in Chicago)

Listen to Only The Waves by Zachary Friederich #np on #SoundCloud

Zach Schimpf: (STL)

Listen to A-V-E-R-I-E by Zach Schimpf #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Chaos And The Little One by Zach Schimpf #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Past Lives on the Range (early version) by Zach Schimpf #np on #SoundCloud

(More new music by Zach available at):

Zinn City: (STL)

Listen to Mistakez by Zinn City #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Hella Ill ft. EMATiON & Cryptic Wisdom by Zinn City #np on #SoundCloud