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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

100's of @Bandcamp @SoundCloud May New Releases/Pre-Orders, @GoFundMe @ArtEdStl @Indiegogo, @YouTube #STL #MUSIC Exclusives!

May of 2017 has come and gone, but this year's new music keeps pouring in. Of course, you can discover new music and catch the artists you know about already here with the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Plus, now incorporated into the format are exclusive releases by your favorite media outlets locally (in no particular order)and over 200 YouTube new releases broken down into three playlists! If you follow @STLMU on the socials you were introduced to the many other playlists in the works there, as well as the 14 genre playlists on Spotify. Those are always a click away here from the blog on the tabs feature. Look for YouTube STL and #STLouify for them. Visit the STL Promo Paradigm for links to even more publications if you are an artist looking to send out press releases and such. The momentum levelled out and there are still over a 150 artists with new releases this month if you just count the Bandcamp and SoundCloud artist accounts. Simply amazing. If you missed the April new releases post visit HERE for that. This post starts off with the crowdfunding links, then the local media exclusives, followed by the YouTube playlists. After that, the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Some of the pre-orders are mixed in with the various releases. Enjoy.


The Scandelaros:(STL)


Pianos For People: (STL)



Tommy Halloran: (STL)


* RFT Music:

- Bockman Returns With "Kid" It's First Release In Several Years

Listen to Kid by Bockman #np on #SoundCloud

- Finns Motel Returns ith First New Album In Eleven Years

- Hell Night Is Atop St. Louis Metal Scene With The Best Dreadlocks In The Business

Listen To Hell Night Songs by Hell Night on #Bandcamp

- Dubb Nubb's Hanna Rainey Branches Out With New Band 'Shady Bug'

Listen To Shady Bug's Debut Album On #Bandcamp


* St. Louis Magazine:

- Local Music Notes For May 25th

- It's Not Easy Being Cheesy, A Conversation With The Provels

- Local Music Notes For May 18th

- Joe Edwards On Chuck Berry's Final Album 'Chuck'

- Local Music Notes For May 11th

- Local Music Notes For May 4th



- Join the KDHX Fan Club for insider exclusives & downloads:

- To listen to archived KDHX show playlists visit HERE.


* STL Public Radio:

- The Lab: (Part 1)


John Beabout: (STL)

* STL Jazz Notes:

- Freedonia Music Releases Three New Albums

* Rock Paper Podcast: (STL)

- (Visit HERE for this month's podcasts as Shane Presley features at least 3 new podcasts weekly.)

Listen to Robby Kallery- Texas or Tennessee (Lucero cover) by Rock Paper Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

* St. Louis Blues Society:

- "16 In 16 Compilation"

- Look out for the May/June New Bluesletter.

* National Blues Museum: (STL)

- (Stream live video performances HERE.)

* Euclid Records: (STL)

Euclid Records "In-Store Sessions" on 45's now available.

* Magnificent MO. - Volume 1:


* 105.7 The Point: (STL)

- ("The Local Show" hosted by Cornbread on Sun. nights right HERE.)

- Stream songs played so far this year on 105.7 The Point's Local Show by this #STLMU playlist on Spotify.


* Via Venues:

The Crack Fox:

(Rapture is a residency celebrating 12 years of dark music culture.)

(DJ Forensic also spins at Rapture, plus monthly events there like Conspiracy & Anth3m.)

The Sheldon:

Listen to The Sheldon 2017-2018 Season by sheldonstl #np on #SoundCloud

Song Bird Cafe:

(Monthly event @ The Focal Point)

Listen to A Little Bit More- Kyle Nachtigal by Steve St Cyr #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Fallen Out of Touch-Seth Brand by Steve St Cyr #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to I Won't Give Up On You -Jordyn Shellhart by Steve St Cyr #np on #SoundCloud

*Visit the #STLouify tab for more playlists by The Pageant, Blueberry Hill's Duck Room & Delmar Hall. ________________


* Via Artist Websites, iTunes, Spotify, etc. :

Barley Station: (STL)

Choir Vandals:

Conquest: (STL)

Emmanuel Lewis: (STL native in NY)

Joe Maddock: (STL)

John Jarrett: (STL)

Kevin Curran: (STL)

Nick Menn: (STL)

Shaman's Harvest:


Shotgun Abby: (STL)

Sky Burnt White: (STL)

Strange Medicine: (STL)

Google Play:

Ragged Blade Band: (STL)


* BandCamp:

7Dayz: (Marion, IL)

Abnormal: (STL)

Alan Larsen: (KC)

Alex 42: (MO.)

American Basswood: (Kirksville, MO)

American Poetry Club: (STL)

Another Neglected Hobby:

Atman: (STL)

Attainment: (KC)

Back Water Park: (Springfield, IL.)

Bastard: (STL)

BB Eye: (Knob Nobster)

Boreal Hills: (STL)

Wet Couch, ultimate action edition. director's cut cassette now available:

Brad Wood: (STL)

Brian Andrew Marek: (STL)

Builder: (KC)

Compelled To Destroy: (STL)

(Pre-Order Available only. Release date is June 8th):

Cory Grindbergh: (STL)

Cowgirl Jordy: (Columbia, MO.)

D.J. HerbieHerb: (STL)

Discounted Dance Parties: (STL)

Disney 69: (STL)

Dreamgirl: (St. Joseph)

End Seeker: (Cape Girardeau)

Eric Voeks: (KC)

*Limited Edition 13 Track CD Available*

Expo Seventy: (KC)

Formlessness: (STL)

Gaucho: (KC)

Grid Resistor, Mystified and Mister Vapor: (STL)

Griffin Trap: (STL)

Hell Night: (STL)

Hopeistayhidden: (STL)

Honeydew: (STL)

Hungry Foxes: (KC)

Iron Blood & Death Corporation: (Mexico, MO)

Jon Sheffield: (Hallsville)

Jordan Indiana Gonzalez: (STL)

Jordan Pain: (STL)

Kemet The Phantom: (KC)

Kenshiro's: (STL)

Leisure Shores: (Springfield, MO.)

Low Weather: (STL)

Making Movies: (KC)

Mike McClanahan: (Park Hills)

Muzzle: (Springfield)

Nathan Andrew Jones: (STL)

Nathan Drake: (STL)

New Tongues: (Columbia)

Odis: (KC)

Phantom Head: (KC)

Piaka-roela: (Mexico, MO.)

Pure Ambient Drone: (Springfield, MO.)


Savage Void: (KC)

Secret Sessions: (MO)

Shark Dad: (STL)

Sisser: (STL)

Slightly Less Infected: (STL)

Songs For Cella: (KC)

Sonic Bodhi:

Speedball: (STL)

(More just uploaded at:)

STL Free Jazz Collective:

Sundowning: (STL)

sunplaises: (KC)

The Autumn After: (Springfield, MO.)

The Good Hearts: (KC)

The Journey: (STL)

Traveler: (STL)

Turtle Club: (STL)

Tyranny Enthroned: (STL)

Warrior Drum Recordings: (STL)

Whale: (STL)

Zach Sullentrup: (STL)

Zak M. : (STL)


* SoundCloud:

Aaron Kusterer: (STL)

Listen to The Clock Ticks On by Aaron Kusterer #np on #SoundCloud

Abnormal: (STL)

Listen to Wise Anna by Abnormal. #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Persona 5 Beneath The Mask Flip by Abnormal. #np on #SoundCloud

Arney Palmer: (STL)

Listen to Faith (Instrumental) (Elhae Blue Interlude Sample) (Prod. Arney Palmer) by Arney Palmer #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to ROY - Oregon Ave. by Arney Palmer #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to (Bonus) In The Studio Remix (Feat. Arney Palmer) by Arney Palmer #np on #SoundCloud

Alice Sweet Alice: (KC)

Listen to Alice Sweet Alice - The Hostage by Alice Sweet Alice #np on #SoundCloud

Basheer: (STL)

Listen to Old Ways by Basheer #np on #SoundCloud

Bird: (STL)

Listen to My Life by birdSTL #np on #SoundCloud

Bonus Points: (STL)

Listen to Bonus Points - Subway Fresh by Electronic Gems #np on #SoundCloud

Captured Planet: (STL)

Listen to Stay! (w Fran) PN by Captured Planet #np on #SoundCloud

Carl Pandolfi: (STL)

Listen to loneliness May 14 2017 by Carl Pandolfi #np on #SoundCloud

Centipede: (STL)

Listen to Centipede - Vibrational Medicine - Side A (Color) by Intelligent Sound #np on #SoundCloud

Clay L. : (STL)

Listen to TEAM CB Can't Relate Prod. By Clay L by Team CB #np on #SoundCloud

Comrade Catbox: (STL)

Listen to Porcelain Pillows by Comrade Catbox #np on #SoundCloud

Corkbrush Field Mutiny: (STL)

Listen to DontWannaGoToWork by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ryan Adams by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to My Oldest Friend (Chad Winch/Mike McClanahan) by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ryan Adams by Chad Winch and Mike McClanahan by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Daniel C. Roth: (STL)

Listen to You Ought To Be Free by Daniel C. Roth #np on #SoundCloud

Danny Dwyer: (STL native in CA)

Listen to Queens (ft. Jackii & Danny Dwyer) by no suits #np on #SoundCloud

Die Jessie Die: (STL)

Listen to carnivor by diejessedie #np on #SoundCloud

DJ Abomination: (STL)

Listen to Honor Among Goons (J.U.S.T.I.C.E League type beat)$9.99 by Dj Abomination #np on #SoundCloud

DJ Forensic: (STL)

Listen to The downBEAT V.15 by Forensic #np on #SoundCloud

Dog Of Panic: (Springfield, IL)

Listen to Seven Years by Dog Of Panic #np on #SoundCloud

Drea Vocalz: (STL)

Listen to #5 (Feat. Drea Vocalz) by GhostInThaRoom #np on #SoundCloud

Drew Mantia: (STL native in Chicago)

Listen to Look In The Mirror | #TBCTuesdays week 5 by The Belief Cycle #np on #SoundCloud

DT RawDeal Ent. : (East St. Louis, IL)

Listen to They Still Call Us Nigger Ft. 5AM from 2double0babbie Fetti Gang by DT (RawDeal Ent) #np on #SoundCloud

Dylan Becker: (STL)

Listen to Train Under Water (Bright Eyes Cover) by Dylan Becker #np on #SoundCloud

Family Medicine: (STL)

Listen to Galapagos by Family Medicine #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Dick Chicken by Family Medicine #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Knitting Naked by Family Medicine #np on #SoundCloud

Flashbang: (STL)

Listen to Hillbilly Billy Live At CBGB by Flashbang #np on #SoundCloud

Fresh Heir: (STL)

Listen to Sky's the Limit by Fresh Heir #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Waiting by Fresh Heir #np on #SoundCloud

Half Moon: (STL)

Listen to Washed Out (version) by Half Moon #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to 05/30/17 by Half Moon #np on #SoundCloud

Hello Jizoo: (STL)

Listen to WANTCHA [Official Audio] by Hello JiZoo #np on #SoundCloud

Hylidae: (STL)

Listen to Homura - Adrift by hylidae + #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Smoldering Event by hylidae + #np on #SoundCloud

Ice: (STL)

Listen to SANCTUARY by ICE #np on #SoundCloud

Ionosphere: (STL)

Listen to Ionosphere - The Battle Of Marathon by IONOSPHERE #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ionosphere - The Aftermath by IONOSPHERE #np on #SoundCloud

Jonezy: (STL)

Listen to Jonezy- That's Petty (Black Betty Remix) by Jonezy_music #np on #SoundCloud

JuptrJuptr: (STL)

Kyle Walz: (STL)

Listen to Ring My Bell by KyleWalz #np on #SoundCloud

Lax Twins: (STL)

Listen to Tropic of by Lax Twins #np on #SoundCloud

Lenny Mink: (STL)

Listen to Lenny Mink Live 2017 Showcase Set by Lenny Mink #np on #SoundCloud

Lori's Puppets: (Sesser, Woodlawn, IL)

Listen to Sunday Comes by Lori's Puppets #np on #SoundCloud

Mo Egeston: (STL)

Listen to 806 State by moegeston #np on #SoundCloud

Midnight Giant: (STL)

Listen to Money Honey by Midnight Giant #np on #SoundCloud

Mizzery Raw Relatives: (STL)

Listen to Dopefiend Junkie by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Nathan Andrew Jones: (STL)

Listen to This is the Part (Where you say I do) by Nathan Andrew Jones #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Give Me a Sign by Nathan Andrew Jones #np on #SoundCloud

Nils Rurack: (Lake St. Louis)

Listen to Bill Defelice's Purple Fudge ft. Nils Rurack by NilsRurack #np on #SoundCloud

Oddsoul: (STL)

Listen to Dancing on Sand - Live at Gaslight Studios by Oddsoul Sound #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Road to Clarity Live at Gaslight by Oddsoul Sound #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Saying What I See - Gaslight studio by Oddsoul Sound #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to I see Trouble - Oddsoul Solo - Gaslight Studios live by Oddsoul Sound #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to The Blue - Oddsoul solo - Gaslight Studios by Oddsoul Sound #np on #SoundCloud

(For more new songs by Oddsoul visit):

Odis: (KC)

Listen to time to shine by Odis. #np on #SoundCloud

One Less Cheerleader: (STL)

Listen to Follow by One Less Cheerleader #np on #SoundCloud

P.I. :

Listen to phantom pain by p.thepi #np on #SoundCloud

Piff: (STL)

Listen to Passing Time by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

P.T. : (STL)

Listen to pizza planet by P/T #np on #SoundCloud

Poe Damnren: (STL)

Listen to Where To Now? by Poe Damnren #np on #SoundCloud

Pokey LaFarge: (STL)

Listen to Manic Revelations by Pokey LaFarge #np on #SoundCloud

Shark Dad: (STL)

Listen to Almost, Pink by Shark Dad #np on #SoundCloud

Since 1902: (STL)

Listen to UKWTFUD2M by since1902 #np on #SoundCloud

Starwolf: (STL)

Listen to Promised Land by Starwolf #np on #SoundCloud

Steve N. Clair: (STL)

Listen to Bus Ride Freestyle (Prod. By Kaytranada) by Steve N. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Strange Medicine: (STL)

Listen to Beneath the Sky by Strange Medicine #np on #SoundCloud

Streetza Ria: (STL)

Listen to LIL ART- GOIN IN {Prod. By AvanniBeats}#LIVINGLIFELIKEAG by Streetza Ria #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to LIL ART- MONEY (Feat. Popi3 X Radio Rory) {Prod. By DJ YoungKash} by Streetza Ria #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Shooting Prod By Rackz by Streetza Ria #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Everyday lives Prod by Marv Beatz by Streetza Ria #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ugly As Revolvers Prod By Rackz Merciless Streets Album by Streetza Ria #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Million Summers Prod By KBeats Merciless Streets Album by Streetza Ria #np on #SoundCloud

(For more new songs by Streetza Ria visit):

The Belief Cycle: (STL native in Chicago)

Listen to The One | #TBCTuesdays week 3 by The Belief Cycle #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to The Arena | #TBCTuesdays week 4 by The Belief Cycle #np on #SoundCloud

The Culprit Manifest: (STL)

Listen to GuitarJones '17 - The Culprit Manifest+i7iu7e by just mediaworks #np on #SoundCloud

The Ragged Blade Band: (STL)

Listen to The Tennessee Sessions by The Ragged Blade Band #np on #SoundCloud

The TCR: (KC)

Listen to WESTWAVE by The TCR #np on #SoundCloud

T-Dash: (STL)

Listen to Fresh Start Ep by T-Dash #np on #SoundCloud

Tidecruz: (STL)

Listen to eHeaven by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to carry it around by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to carry it around by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to beyventrope skylope [music video in descrip] by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

(For more new music by tidecruz visit):

T-Loc Da Kingpin: (STL)

Listen to $ I SPEAK OF EM $ by T-LOC DA KINGPIN #np on #SoundCloud

Tony St. Clair: (STL)

Listen to As We Understood Him by Tony St. Clair #np on #SoundCloud

Vinnie Saletto: (STL)

Listen to Game without Frontiers (Rough Mix) by Vinnie Saletto #np on #SoundCloud

Warren Harper Jr. : (STL)

Listen to Crunch White by Warren Harper Jr #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Crunch Infinite by Warren Harper Jr #np on #SoundCloud

Zachary Friederich: (STL native in Chicago, IL)

Listen to It's Alright With Me (2017) by Zachary Friederich #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to It's Alright With Me by Zachary Friederich #np on #SoundCloud

Zach Schimpf: (STL)

Listen to The Future Is Shiny by Zach Schimpf #np on #SoundCloud

Zinn City: (STL)

Listen to Bad Behavior by Zinn City #np on #SoundCloud