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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

@romeroisloud (Madison, WI) supported by @motherfatherSTL & @QueenLotusMusic @Fubar_Stl this Friday, 5/19

Another show option for this Friday, May 19th happens at Fubar featuring Romero from Wisconsin and sharing the stage with them are St. Louis area acts MotherFather and also QueenLotus. Visit HERE for more details on the show. Now let's see what these bands are all about and what they sound like.

Colossally heavy, genre-bending stoner rockers, ROMERO, have begun their tour of 2017 stretching across 9 US heartland states in just under 2 weeks.

The band is realistic in their approach to their touring; “We do this, essentially, because we love to…not because anyone is paying us a ton of money or as an obligation to sell a product.” says, Romero singer / guitarist, Jeffrey Mundt.

This band is 100% self-financed”, Mundt continues, “so we can only do what we can afford to do…or what we can afford to eventually pay off. (grins) We work very hard and time is definitely an issue. By no means is Romero a group of careless, invincible 20 somethings living under the same roof. Those days are long gone. All four of us have separate lives, families, responsibilities & interests. It’s really tough for any of us to leave home, so we try to find a balance.

"OpenerCompliments and Cocktails” sounds like what The Sword wish they sounded like, and the title track sounds like a blazed Helmet covering Zeppelin." -Metal Sucks

"with its Torche inspired catchiness, balls-out riffage and drizzles of Hammond for good measure, ROMERO show from the outset that they are no noobz to the stoner metal game." -Heavy Planet

"If you’re a fan of Baroness and Mastodon, I’d definitely recommend checking these guys out." -Bloody Disgusting

MOTHERFATHER - "An Instrumental post-rock group that has taken forever to release their upcoming record." So, there fan page states. They were nominated "Best Hard Rock" in the River Front Times in 2013. The band consists of Eli Hindman (Guitars, Piano) Nelson Jones (Guitars, Synth) Dave Lowell/Perry West/Brian Shaeffer (Bass) Tim Hardy (Drums, Piano, Synth).

QUEENLOTUS - This is all the description you need:

"Kick ass rock band. Driven by lust for great music, along with talent as musicians, QueenLotus is truly one of the most entertaining bands in a long time"
- Curt Rajchart, Music is Life-

"Its like classic rock had sex with 90s rock and made a modern metal lovechild"
-Alex Whitman, Life in Chains-