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Friday, May 5, 2017

100's of @Bandcamp @SoundCloud April Releases/Pre-Orders, @gofundme @PledgeMusic @Indiegogo, @YouTube #STL #MUSIC Exclusives!

April of 2017 has come and gone, but this year's new music keeps pouring in. Of course, you can discover new music and catch the artists you know about already here with the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Plus, now incorporated into the format are exclusive releases by your favorite media outlets locally (in no particular order)and over 200 YouTube new releases broken down into three playlists! If follow @STLMU on the socials you were introduced to the many other playlists in the works there, as well as the 13 genre playlists on Spotify. Those are always a click away here from the blog on the tabs feature. Look for YouTube STL and #STLouify for them. Visit the STL Promo Paradigm for links to even more publications if you are an artist looking to send out press releases and such. The momentum picked up again this month and there are over a 150 artists with new releases this month if you just count the Bandcamp and SoundCloud artist accounts. Simply amazing. If you missed the March new releases post visit HERE for that. This post starts off with the crowdfunding links, then the local media exclusives, followed by the YouTube playlists. After that, the Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases. Some of the pre-orders are mixed in with the various releases. Enjoy.


The Scandelaros:(STL)



Story Of The Year: (STL)



Tommy Halloran: (STL)


April 2017 New Videos:

April 2017 Live Videos:

April 2017 New Music:


* RFT Music:

- Yowie To Release Intense New LP "Synchromysticism"

- Dutch Courage To Release New EP "Tiger Tracks"

- Hooten Hallers To Release Self-Titled LP

- Maness Brothers To Release Hard-Charging, New Self-Titled LP

- The Chimps Get Personal With "Play No Evil"

- Bagheera Returns With It's First Release In Thirteen Years

- For Gaslight A Year In Business Means A Five Album Release Show

* Alive Magazine:

- Mali Moolah, A Music Video From St. Louis Rapper Mystermind

Saint Louis Magazine:

- Adam Hucke's new record, Charlie Halloran's record-in-the-works, a fundraiser for George’s on 66, a shoutout for filk musicians, and more.

- The skinny on Bagheera’s new LP, all the need-to-know Record Store Day events, and more.

- A recap of Lo-Fi Cherokee; a new record from Finn's Motel; Ethan Leinwand's European tour, and more.

- Speaking In Tongues Decoding The Vernacular Trio. (The "Parlance" album can be found at):

* I Went To A Show:

- Premiere Of Bo & The Locomotive New Single "Mistakes".

- Feature Of Maness Brothers "Got One On The Line".


- Listen to Bagheera: Live at KDHX 3/30/17 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

- Listen to Samantha Fish: Live at KDHX 4/25/2017 by KDHX #np on #SoundCloud

- To listen to archived KDHX show playlists visit HERE.


* STL Public Radio:

- 5 year experimental music documentary project comes to a close. Visit Rhizomatic St. Louis Vol. 5 for more on this article.

* WQNA: (Springfield)

Listen to Blues Power 1507va by Michael Goza #np on #SoundCloud

* Rock Paper Podcast: (STL)

- (Visit HERE for this month's podcasts as Shane Presley features at least 3 new podcasts weekly.)

* St. Louis Blues Society:

- "16 In 16 Compilation"

- Look out for the May/June New Bluesletter.

* National Blues Museum: (STL)

- (Stream live video performances HERE.)

* Euclid Records: (STL)

Euclid Records "In-Store Sessions" on 45's now available.


* 105.7 The Point: (STL)

- ("The Local Show" hosted by Cornbread on Sun. nights right HERE.)

- Stream songs played so far this year on 105.7 The Point's Local Show by this #STLMU playlist on Spotify.


* Via Artist Websites, iTunes, Spotify:

Alice Sweet Alice: (KC)

Anthony Lucius: (O'Fallon, IL)

Bagheera: (STL)

Better Days: (STL)

Ever More Broken: (Grafton, IL)

Les Gruff & The Billy Goat: (STL)

Lou Kang: (STL)

Made New Creative: (STL)

Miss Molly Simms: (STL)

NOWAKE: (Hannibal, MO.)

Rat Rod Kings: (STL)

Smidley: (Pre-Order) - June 20th Release.

*Connor Murphy of Foxing's New Project*

The Best Cat Memes: (STL)

The Chirps:

The Provels: (STL)

Yowie: (STL)


* Via Venues:

The Sheldon: (STL)

Listen to The Sheldon 2017-2018 Season by sheldonstl #np on #SoundCloud

(Visit the STLMU Spotify account for additional venue playlists.)


* Bandcamp:


Ahmad Suradji: (Marshall, MO.)


Anode Records: (Label)

- Ron S. : (STL)

(No embed available.)


Anthony Lucius:

A.J. Lane & The Simple Machine: (STL)

Amalghemy: (STL)

American Basswood: (Kirksville)

Atman: (STL)

Attack on Uranus: (KC)

Ayesirowl: (STL)

Backwash: (STL)

B-neath: (KC)

Better Days: (STL)

*(Limited runs on cassette available):

(Chaos Order, Better Days split tape, no embed available):

Between Gravity & Me: (Neosho, MO.)

Blue Or Gold: (MO.)

Bonus Points: (STL)

Brian Bulger: (Springfield)

Centipede: (STL)

Chuck Berry:

Coca-Cola Death Squad: (STL)

Concentrator: (STL)

Crossing Fire: (Springfield)

David George: (KC)

Den Kokoro: (STL)


Discounted Dance Parties: (STL)

Drew Sheafor: (STL)

Duane Bridges: (STL)

Earth Spun Occupants: (KC)

ElectraNova: (STL)

Eric Hall: (STL)

Ezra Fike: (MO)

Final Drive: (STL) - Vinyl Now Available:

Finn's Motel: (STL)

Float Away, Dangling: (STL)

Floating Pockets Of Stupid: (STL)

Gorgeous Yeast Lords: (STL)

Jesse R. Schilling: (STL)

Jon Sheffield: (Halisville, MO)


High Dive Records: (KC) - *Label

Belly Flop: (KC)


I Love To Surf: (STL)

Kemet The Invisible Man: (KC)

Kevin Morby: (KC)

Kids & Chemicals: (Springfield)

Lucid: (Lovington, IL)

Maness Brothers: (STL)

Matt Cook: (KC)

Maximum Effort: (STL)

Meatshank: (KC)

Michael Robertson: (Columbia)

Moon Bandits: (STL)

Mother Meat: (STL)

Mystified: (STL)

Nature Boys: (KC)

Odis: (KC)

Oliver: (Columbia)

One Less Cheerleader: (STL)

Orphan Welles: (STL)

Ozark Soundscape: (STL)

Paper Ceilings: (STL)

Pernikoff Brothers: (STL)

Saint Jude: (KC)

Savage Void: (KC)

Shady Bug: (STL)

SheedyJaye: (STL)

Squircle the Destroyer: (STL)

Slight Aromas: (KC)

Steevi B: (KC)

STL Free Jazz Collective:

T-Dash: (STL)

The TCR: (KC)

Thumpy Sticky: (STL)

Too Deep: (STL)

Trauma Harness: (STL)

Via Luna: (KC)

Zach Schimpf: (STL)


* SoundCloud


A Brief History: (STL)

Listen to Thoughts by A Brief History #np on #SoundCloud

Alice Sweet Alice: (KC)

Listen to Sucker by Alice Sweet Alice #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Alice Sweet Alice - SMILE by Alice Sweet Alice #np on #SoundCloud

Alvin Zamudio: (STL)

Listen to The Auto Project (rough demo idea with Garageband) by Alvin Zamudio #np on #SoundCloud

Amber Skies: (STL)

Listen to Radioactive ft. Dan Delion (live) by SkyDivided #np on #SoundCloud

Anthony Lucius: (O'Fallon, IL)

Listen to Anthony Lucius - Be Ocean, Not Wave [FREE DOWNLOAD] by The Pit LDN #np on #SoundCloud

Arshad Goods: (STL)

Listen to The Goods by leonsays #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to WAITING4 w/ARSHAD GOODS & TAYLLORKAYE by VaughnVibes #np on #SoundCloud

Basheer: (STL)

Listen to Darker Freestyle Prod by. Diejessedie by Basheer #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Free Ajuwon by Basheer #np on #SoundCloud

Bockman: (Columbia)

- Reposted on SoundCloud by Andrew W. Allen, STL artist:

Listen to Don't Ask Why by Bockman #np on #SoundCloud

Bonus Points: (STL)

Listen to Jobby Bohnson by Bonus Points #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Malibu - Tetsuo X Bonus Points by tetsuo #np on #SoundCloud

(No embed available.)

Bradley Palermo: (STL native in CA)

Listen to Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Bradley Palermo #np on #SoundCloud

Break Night: (STL)

Listen to Break Night - Alive and Well [Out Now!] by Adapted Records #np on #SoundCloud

Captain: (STL)

Listen to FAT BLUNTS by CAPTAIN #np on #SoundCloud

Captured Planet: (STL)

Listen to Riverbed by Captured Planet #np on #SoundCloud

Centipede: (STL)

Listen to Vibrational Medicine singles by Centipede #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to trymyluv by Centipede #np on #SoundCloud

Chasm: (STL)

Listen to Nocturne by Chasm #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to The Hope to Forget by Chasm #np on #SoundCloud

Chillis: (STL)

Listen to Floetry - Hey You (Chillis Screw) by ChiIIis #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Serge Gainsbourg - Five Easy Pisseuses (OGM Remix) (Chillis Screw) by ChiIIis #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Jazzanova - That Night (Vikter Duplaix Remix) (Chillis Screw) by ChiIIis #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Zap Mama - Gissi &(Chillis Screw) by ChiIIis #np on #SoundCloud

- (Visit his SoundCloud site for even more...)

Contemporary Culture Dealers: (KC)

Listen to Claude Larson / Grassroots by Fiat LX #np on #SoundCloud

Corkbrush Field Mutiny: (STL)

Listen to Funkbitch by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to ham jam by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to DontWannaGoToWork by Corkbush Field Mutiny #np on #SoundCloud

Daniel C. Roth: (STL)

Listen to Green Roses by Daniel C. Roth #np on #SoundCloud

Danny Dwyer: (STL native in CA)

Listen to big bank take little bank by danny dwyer #np on #SoundCloud

DJ Abomination: (STL)

Listen to Sweet Nectar (Ambient Trap instrumental) ((SOLD)) by Dj Abomination #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Justin Credible - The Promise Prod. by Dj Abomination ( by CrypMind Team Collabo's #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Toxic Remedy (Abstract Trap Instrumental) $9.99 by Dj Abomination #np on #SoundCloud

DJ Porkchop Thuggy Fresh: (STL)

Listen to 4.7 by DJ Porkchop Thuggy Fresh #np on #SoundCloud

Divide The Empire: (STL)

Listen to Carnival Ride by Divide The Empire #np on #SoundCloud

Dog Of Panic: (Springfield, IL)

Listen to Radio Friendly First Draft by Dog Of Panic #np on #SoundCloud

Dom Chronicles: (KC)

Listen to DOM CHRONICLES - Spirit Guide by INDYGROUND ENTERTAINMENT #np on #SoundCloud DT (RawDeal Ent.): East STL, IL

Listen to Ca$h Rule$ by DT (RawDeal Ent) #np on #SoundCloud

Fight For Midnight: (STL)

Listen to Fight For Midnight- Cashing Out by Substation Electric Recordings #np on #SoundCloud

Fresco Kane: (STL)

Listen to YAN (feat. Mishon & Fresco Kane)[Prod. by Mishon] by Warren Dieondre #np on #SoundCloud

Half Moon: (STL)

Listen to Blink by Half Moon #np on #SoundCloud

Human Pollution: (STL)

Listen to No Life Matters (test upload) by Human Pollution #np on #SoundCloud

Ice: (STL)

Listen to MALL GOTH by ICE #np on #SoundCloud

Indiana Rome: (STL)

Listen to INDIANA ROME - WAVY (PROD. BY INDIANA ROME) by indianarome #np on #SoundCloud

Ionosphere: (STL)

Listen to Ionosphere - Time In A Bottle Cover - Master by IONOSPHERE #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to IONOSPHERE - Nova Mastered by IONOSPHERE #np on #SoundCloud

Jeske Park: (STL)

Listen to Bye (live) by Jeske Park #np on #SoundCloud

John Donovan: (STL)

Listen to ET's Home Phone by JohnDonovan #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to [[Sufjan Stevens cover]] by JohnDonovan #np on #SoundCloud

Jordan Baumstark: (STL)

Listen to Want It by Jordan Baumstark #np on #SoundCloud

Kamikaze Cole: (STL)

Listen to Dap Dap Salute by Kamikaze Cole #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Scratching The Surface by Kamikaze Cole #np on #SoundCloud

Kyle Walz: (STL)

Listen to Only Way I Can by KyleWalz #np on #SoundCloud

Lax Twins: (STL)

Listen to In the Flesh by Lax Twins #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Ice Cream For Lunch by Lax Twins #np on #SoundCloud

Lil Juan: (STL)

- (Reposted by Matty Wood$) -

Listen to SHINIGAMI ft. ANWAR, Lil Wood$(Prod. Emani) by LIL JUAN #np on #SoundCloud

Lusid: (STL)

Listen to Lusid - Ras (Free Download) by Lusidelia #np on #SoundCloud

Maness Brothers: (STL)

Listen to Preacher Man by The Maness Brothers #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to End of Me by The Maness Brothers #np on #SoundCloud

Matty Wood$: (STL)

Listen to WARM ft. ANWAR (Prod. Rehab Beats) by Matty Wood$ #np on #SoundCloud

Middle Class Fashion: (STL)

Listen to What Comes Easy (old demo, 2013?) by Middle Class Fashion #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to blue room (beach house a capella demos series) by Middle Class Fashion #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to disco ball (beach house a capella demo) by Middle Class Fashion #np on #SoundCloud

Migor St. Marseille: (STL)

Listen to Oh Ouroborous by Migor St. Marseille #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Spot On A Hill by Migor St. Marseille #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to More Than You Deserve by Migor St. Marseille #np on #SoundCloud

Mizzery Raw Relatives: (STL)

Listen to Thugginfeat.cj by Mizzery Raw Relatives #np on #SoundCloud

Mo Egeston: (STL)

Listen to Six In One by moegeston #np on #SoundCloud

Paper Kite: (STL)

Listen to SynthDreams by PaperKite #np on #SoundCloud

Piff: (STL)

Listen to "I Need Two Mo" by Piff #np on #SoundCloud

PokeyLaFarge: (STL)

Listen to Better Man Than Me by Pokey LaFarge #np on #SoundCloud

Rabbit With A Habbit: (STL)

Listen to You Think You're So Smart by rabbit with a habbit #np on #SoundCloud

Rev Dellic: (STL)

Listen to DeControl by Rev-Dellic #np on #SoundCloud

Richie Callison: (STL native in LA)

Listen to 03 My Angel by Richie Callison #np on #SoundCloud

Ron S. : (STL)

Listen to Ron S. - Space Dust EP (preview, coming soon) AR-032 by Anode Records #np on #SoundCloud

Seals Brock: (STL)

Listen to Hail Mary by SEALS #np on #SoundCloud

Scott Jones: (STL)

Listen to R.I.P. ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - MY TRACKS INSPIRED BY THE MASTER by scottjonesmusic #np on #SoundCloud

Since 1902: (STL)

Thames: (STL)

Listen to Tesseracts by Thames #np on #SoundCloud

The Culprit Manifest: (STL)

Listen to Fame Machine - The Culprit Manifest + i7iu7e by just mediaworks #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to TroubleHouse - The Culprit Manifest+i7iu7e by just mediaworks #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to RichAF - The Culprit Manifest+i7iu7e by just mediaworks #np on #SoundCloud

- Check out additional artists affiliated with Just Media Works: (STL)

Listen to chill by just mediaworks #np on #SoundCloud

The High Science Project: (STL)

Listen to POWER by THEHIGHSCIENCEPROJECT #np on #SoundCloud

The TCR: (KC)

Listen to In Synth We Wave by The TCR #np on #SoundCloud

Tidecruz: (KC)

Listen to songs burried cause i post to much music by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to I'lltaketheblame by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to We're Dreaming Of The Same Tomorrowby tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to + by tidecruz #np on #SoundCloud

- (Visit Tidecruz on SoundCloud for more new music...)

Tony St. Clair: (STL)

Two Cities One World: (STL)

Listen to Two Cities One World - Bird Song ( Official Audio ) by Two Cities One World #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Two Cities One World - She's a Beauty ( Official Audio ) by Two Cities One World #np on #SoundCloud

Two Cities One World Official by Two Cities One World #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Two Cities One World - Hungry For Love ( Official Audio ) by Two Cities One World #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Two Cities One World - In My Dream ( Official Audio ) by Two Cities One World #np on #SoundCloud

Waiting For Jimmy: (Belleville, IL)

Listen to Waiting For Jimmy- Weather Man by Substation Electric Recordings #np on #SoundCloud

Zachary Friederich: (STL native in Chicago)

Listen to Italian Battalion Chief by Zachary Friederich #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Chicago Songs by Zachary Friederich #np on #SoundCloud

Zinn City: (STL)

Listen to SWIM by Zinn City #np on #SoundCloud