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Friday, April 12, 2013

Witness Rowsdower's heavy-blues groove, plus some Carpathia! #STL #MUSIC

Rowsdower has a lot of influences, yet one can say that they possess a blues oriented groove with a heavy sound. Music to head-bob too. For sure. Visit HERE for additional free downloads by Rowsdower. In addition, this week's #VideoOfTheWeek! is also by the group and was recently shot at Fubar.

Click HERE to stream/download "Starchild" by Rowsdower.

Carpathia released this song in 2011 and dropped me a line to share this with you. They have additional free downloads available on their Purevolume account HERE, as well.

Click HERE to stream/download "Giovanni" by Carpathia.

Coming soon is the Record Store Day post for 4/20!