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Sunday, April 14, 2013

@RecordStoreDay 2013 in #STL #MUSIC scene & the #RiverBend!

Here is your break down for Record Store Day in the St. Louis metro area. I'm going to throw in one download by a random artist playing at each location. There are six store locations are having events and they are as follows:

Apop Records is having an outdoor block party with live music, DJs, RSD specials and much more in the store. Spinning that day will be DJ RYAN SNOWDEN, KDHX's JEFF HESS and COSMIC SLOP: the unstoppable duo of Mark Willy and Mike McHugh. Plus, check out these bands: 12:00PM Wax Fruit, 12:45 NRML PPL, 1:30PM Broken Prayer, 2:15PM Bad Dates, 3:00PM Grand Inquisitor, 3:30PM ReDeMeR, 4:00PM Trauma Harness, 4:30PM Brainstems, 5:15PM Union Electric, 6:00PM Ou Où, 6:45PM Lumpy, 7:30PM Black James, 8:15PM Shaved Women. They'll be stocking more RSD releases than you can handle, with sales and specials store-wide! Plus: outdoor booths from St. Louis labels and groups: Freezerburn Industries, Rankoutsider, Extension Chord, Rerun Records, BDR Records, KSLU Encapsulated, Acid Kat, Dudes Magazine.

Afterward, the party is just down the street: CHIKAMORACHI (Darin Gray & Chris Corsano) performs at Foam, supported by the luminous GHOST ICE. RSVP for that HERE or watch the trailer HERE.

*Click HERE to RSVP to the Apop Records event on 4/20 and get all the extra details.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Happy Birthday Little" Jesus by Black James.

CD Warehouse has four bands performing live there at the store and the music starts at 1PM I was told by Walter, but I don't have an order of set times for these groups: Soul Kiss, Greek Fire, J. Boozer and Fivefold. They will have tons of cd/dvd/vinyl specials, FREE concert tickets and Record Store Day only releases!

*There is not an event page to RSVP to the CD Warehouse event on 4/20.

*Click HERE to stream/download "When Saturday Night Turns Into Sunday Morning" by J. Boozer.

Euclid Records has three days of celebration! On Friday, April 19th they have: 5PM Troubadour Dali, 6PM The Vanilla Beans, 7PM Black James, 8PM Adult Fur. Then on Saturday, April 20th they have: 11AM The Jungle Fire, 12PM Bo and The Locomotive, 1PM Fumer, 2PM née, 3PM Cotton Mather, 4PM The Love Experts, 5PM The Jans Project, 6PM Sleepy Kitty, 7PM The Bottle Rockets. Finally, on Sunday, April 21st they have: 12PM The Deciders, 1PM Superhero Killer, 2PM CaveofswordS, 3PM Dibiase, 4PM Karate Bikini, 5PM Yowie. DJs outside include, food and drink available from Cyrano's, Tiny Montgomery and Hwy 61 Roadhouse, free beer courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Classic local music footage on the big screen courtesy of The STL Music Video Preservation Project.

In addition to the RSD exclusives, there will be a sidewalk sale.

*Click HERE RSVP to the Euclid Records events page.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Harder With Time" by Bo And The Locomotive.

Slackers has two locations doing events. Record Store Day is April 20th this year, and Slackers wants you to come out for a day of great tunes and great deals! They’ll have live music, exclusive Record Store Day Vinyl, and more! Special Deals: Buy 2 Get 1 Free on pre-owned CDs, Vinyl, and Cassettes*, 50% Off All T-Shirts & the lesser of the items is free. Exclusive RSD Vinyl available! The first location has some slots not filled out on their site. I will email Luke and see what he may have not had time to add to their blog yet and will keep this post up to date as I get more info. Here is what they have posted: 3PM Skinney Boy, 4PM N/A, 5PM The Weekend Routine, 6PM N/A, 7PM N/A, 8PM Losing Controllers. Stay tuned to their blog post HERE for specials and RSD vinyl listing or the event page below for last minute new additions.

*Click HERE to RSVP to the Slackers in St. Charles event on 4/20.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Robotic" by Losing Controllers.

The Alton, IL. location has the following posted: 11AM I Could Sleep in the Clouds, 12PM 3 Of 5, 1PM Ardor Glowing, 2PM Same Old Explosion, 3PM Sweet Dirt, 4PM Seminary Villains, 5PM 33 on the Needle, 6PM N/A, 7PM Skinney Boy.

*Click HERE to RSVP to the Slackers in Alton, IL. event on 4/20.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Invisible Man" by I Could Sleep In The Clouds.

Vintage Vinyl's Record Store Day 2013 will have FREE Schlafly Beer and FREE Monster Energy Drink! Live music as follows: 10:30AM The Chainsaw Gentleman, 11:00AM Tower Groove Records showcase with Kisser, Beth Bombara and Accelerando. 12:00PM Bruiser Queen, 1:00PM Josh Ritter, 2:00PM The Incurables, 3:00PM FarFetched Records showcase with Mathias & The Pirates, Scripts N Screwz, Thelonious Kryptonite, Adult Fur and CaveOfSwords. 4:00PM Brothers Lazaroff, 5:00PM Black Spade, 5:30PM Beat Street featuring Da Fly D-Ex, G-Wiz, DJ Alejan, DJ Needles and DJ B-Money.

Guest DJ spins are happening too! 10:00AM Jesse Raya & Holly Renshaw - The Pageant, 11:30AM Lern from - KSHE 95, 12:30PM Ryan Kelley - Pop's Music Venue, 1:30PM Bryan Sutter - Music Photographer, 2:30PM Chris Bay - KDHX, Gold Soundz, 3:30PM John Wendland - KDHX, Memphis to Manchester, 4:30PM Dean Minderman - St. Louis Jazz Notes, 5:30PM Jay Chandrasekhar - Broken Lizard, 6:30PM Justin & Jerid Saffell - Heavy Riff Brewing.

*Click HERE to RSVP to the Vintage Vinyl event on 4/20.

*Click HERE to stream/download "Middling" by Kisser.

This weeks #VideoOfTheWeek! is provided by the STL Music Preservation Project mentioned previously in this post. HERE is the link to their YouTube channel. This video below is from '97 and was performed by The Trip Daddys. Enjoy some vintage daddy...