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Friday, March 9, 2012

Metropolitix to drop a new release on 4/20! #STL #MUSIC

The Metropolitix has a mix-tape that will be available on 4/20. *Cough* No, that is not from the smoke. It is a hint to check them out. The other demo tracks they currently have available are at the link above. They are pushing the 4/20 show at Heartbreakers, but you can also check them out on March 22nd or on May 29th at the Baha Rock Club, if you can't make it out in April to the Landing. Give them a like HERE on facebook and then download/stream this track too!

*Click the Sound Cloud logo, bottom right to download.

Subsequently, they also possess this week's #VideoOfTheWeek! They were kind enough to submit a video and I asked them if they would like music included with it and mentioned that I could also post their show info. They sent me what I needed and it really is that easy to get a little promo: