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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unanimous feature & VOTW by Drag The Dead! #STL #MUSIC

Unanimous has spent the past five years experiencing new things, not as a collective, but as four guys in four different places. Gaining knowledge to get back to where they are today, together and in St. Louis, MO. They have played in and out of town previously and are looking forward to doing the same again and also recording more music. Give this rock, reggae w/ a shot of whiskey for your blues style of group a listen or download their track below. Also, below the song is their upcoming events.

(Click Sound Cloud logo on bottom, right to download.)

Saturday, March 10th they will be at the Warehouse on Jefferson with The Driftaways and The Long Walk Home. Thursday, March 22nd they will be at Heartbreakers on the Landing with Trapdoor Symphony, Where's The Chief & PRJKT Jupiter.

Drag The Dead has this week's #VideoOfTheWeek! These guys are unbelievably brutal. Check them out: