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Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Tracks Of 2011! Top Downloaded Artist & Most Hype'd! #STL #MUSIC

Another year is over. That means it is time for me to do our first real best of lists. I am doing this according to performance record on this year. So, here are the best performing tracks on the blog here according to their performance record! Please note that if a track was blogged from the artist's Sound Cloud account, I have not a way to track their performance. I suggest artists to do it this way, it promotes your band profile their way more. But, this is according to tracks uploaded to our account this year. The top five are as follows:

1) The Last Round: To learn more on this these young turks, click HERE. In promotion w/ the first annual Rock U Fest, I emailed a ton of music blogs, etc. This group & the next one had just happened to have released brand new music and were on the main page of the blog and got a lot of plays. They broke 400 in less than 24 hrs.

2) Lost Continent: To learn more on these dudes, click HERE. This band is good, grows on you too. Nice guys. Love the sound and keyboard. These decently surpassed 300 plays in less than 24 hrs.

3) Arythma: To learn more on these guys, click HERE. I saw that these guys were on a benefit show around the holidays recently, knew they had a newer site w/ all of their tracks for free download, thought it would be beneficial to promote a track of theirs for the show and they didn't mind. They have done well in our area in the past and you just may have heard of them before too.

The Top Downloaded artist for 2011 is Zachary Friedrich. This is why "indie", not the style, the idea that is cool. Never heard of him, people liked his music, he was new and just promoted his music. It did well right off the bat. He submitted three tracks to me and he now has his own Sound Cloud account and does well there. Click HERE to learn more on him. His three tracks garnered him w/ 30 downloads on our site. I think that's good since most don't know how to use the site overall and this blog is still fairly new.

*Zach's tracks "Strawberry Blonde", "Keep The Lid On Her Urn" & "Jack & Ella" were removed on 2/16/12, visit his Sound Cloud for free downloads of his.

The most hype'd artist of 2011 is Pirate Signal. To see how our blog does there, visit us on the Hype Machine.

The most hype'd artist of 2011 that visited St. Louis and was blogged here was Pree. They have been posted by 9 blogs and are on Paper Garden Records. Congrats to all!

Thanks for the support and look for some more cool stuff in 2012!