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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Releases Of 2011: STLMU peep's choices & NYE show listing! #STL #MUSIC

I sent out a question on facebook from the STLMU music blog fan page and invited all of the people on the profile there to answer it. We just reached 5,000 and are at the cap now, so if you want to subscribe to our posts, you still can, just can't add it now. Some chose to and here are your favorites, they are as follows:

1) The 45: Click HERE to visit them online.
(The 45 received 71 votes total for their release "Feed The Monster".)

2) Corvus: Click HERE to vist them online.
(Corvus received 28 votes total for their release "Art Of Survival".)

Corvus - Unity by rockufest

3) Connibal Road: Click HERE to visit them online.
(Connibal Road recevied 21 votes total for their release "A Longing For The Black & White".)

Connibal Road - (Sean's) Favorite Things by rockufest2

* I have to note, tied for third was Doubtwhistle for "Don't Kill It If It You Ain't Gonna Eat It", however they do not have a contact on their page. So, I was unable to get a hold of them to get a track to download. Here is a widget from their Reverbnation:


All of the other votes received were under ten votes, so we can try this again next year and hopefully more will participate. Looking forward to 2012...

If you are looking for shows going on around town, visit this recent post HERE and it has an extensive list of concerts happening. Have fun and be safe!