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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Post #65 Plastic News, Kyle Walz & Dellic! Plus, Colin LaVaute's public apology for flinging a weiner at Tiger Woods! Yep. #STL #MUSIC

Plastic News is an experimental electronic artist, you can check him out on Facebook or at his blog. He will be releasing his debut album at the end of this year, watch for that, meanwhile you can grab one his tracks for free below:

Plastic News - What A Louse by Plastic News

Kyle Watz is a guitarist with a book and recordings available. Kyle gives guitar lessons in Pacific and Eureka, MO and over Skype video. He plays guitar in the St. Louis area cover band The Rebounds. You can check him out on the following sites: Facebook, YouTube or his website. Below is a free download of his song "Not By Choice".

not by choice by KyleWalz

Dellic is a hip-hop artist and sent his latest track over called "R U E" and you can check him out on Facebook or Tumblr. Grab his track for free below:

02 R U E by Dellic

So, apparently Colin LaVaute of Decadent Nation, from Columbia, MO. sent this out for immediate release. It seems he threw a weiner at Tiger Woods during the Open over the weekend. Visit their website for the official statement from him. Here is the video of his apology to Tiger:

(I'm diggin' the shirt, Colin!)... LOL

By the way, readers, if you haven't seen the new lists going for photographers and also videographers in the STL area then now is the time. The photographer list has about fifty so far and the videographer list has ten so far. They can always be found on the "Resources" tab on your upper, right in the top column. Enjoy.