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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Post #63 featuring #VideoOfTheWeek page, call for mucho content! This week's video features Richie Callison! #STL #MUSIC

Every week, whether you realize it or not, there is a new video of the week on the music blog. See the page with that title above. This week's feature is by Richie Callison, I also would like to highlight some more recent videos of Parallel 33, Deny The Gravity, Therese Marie & also Common Era. The artist links and videos are all as follows below. In addition, this is a call for more music for the blog and also videos. Plus, currently I am working on a videographer list, similar to the photography one that was recently completed. That list has close to fifty local photographers and is done objectively and in alphabetical order. You can see that if you visit the "Resources" page, listed above also. So, if you are a videographer, or even just do editing, or specialize in a certain area of the production process then I want you to contact me. The email address is listed at the bottom of this post. Thanks and enjoy, as always...

"Video Of The Week! #24" - Posted 10/09/11

Richie Callison's song "Run Back" in the form of a music video, Richie was the former Lead Vocalist with Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath and former Lead Vocalist / guitarist with Head East. Check him out:

"Video Of The Week! #23" - Posted 10/03/11

Parallel 33's song "These Bloody Wrists" was shot and produced by Arch City Video at Pop's Nightclub. Check them out:

"Video Of The Week! #22" - Posted 09/26/11

Deny The Gravity's song "Vices" was shot and produced by Arch City Video, the band performed at the most recent installment of the Pop's stage at Pointfest. Check them out:

"Video Of The Week! #21" - Posted 09/19/11

Therese Marie's song "Candy Jar" in the form of a music video that was produced by St. Luniverse. Check her out:

"Video Of The Week! #20" - Posted 09/12/11

Common Era's song "Glass Nipple" was shot at the Pageant and produced by St. Luniverse. Check them out:

So, you got this viral video that you want to share with everyone, let us help provide you with a platform in order to do just that. We will share it on our networks and archive it here and also on our Root Music page on the music blog's facebook fan page. Email your video's link to:

saintlouismusiciansunite (AT)