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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Post #66 feat. The new release by Sinfinis, a single from the Metropolitix, hats off to Chuck Berry! #STL #MUSIC

'Allagogue' is the latest release by Sinfinis, if you haven't about about them or the new release yet, well now you have. They are considered to be a experimental, rock, electronic artist. Some of the music is down-tempo. Check them out. You can download it for FREE right HERE in (320Kbps) mp3 format, or buy it for $5 from their bandcamp site right HERE in any format you choose. Please note the following when using the free download option if you are a MAC user: Evidently, MAC users must hold down the 'Alt' key when right-clicking in order to save the target.

While I was putting this post together, I also received a submission from the Metropolitix. They are a hip-hop artist. Verse one features Caliber, verse two features Gonzo Spinn and verse three features Kaoss. This single "Midwest" is off of their upcoming mix-tape entitled,"Evolution", here they are:

Metropolitix - 'Midwest' by akacaliber

For this weeks #Video Of The Week, I couldn't resist this, today is Chuck Berry's birthday. So, in honor of him, here is a video of him singing "Roll Over Beethoven" on Super Night Of Rock 'n Roll in 1984. In honor of Chuck Berry’s 85th birthday today, sculptor Don Wiegand will have a cast of Mr. Berry’s hands holding a Gibson guitar neck installed at his home away from home, Blueberry Hill. This will be displayed in the same case as his famous Gibson guitar in the main bar area near the front door.

Ceremony begins at 6pm and Mr. Berry will be in attendance.