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Monday, September 12, 2011

Post #56 feat. the Fox Hole stage at Rock U Fest & two new releases by main stage artists:

For those of you paying attention, Rock U Fest 2011 is now a little less than two weeks away. Next week on the blog the full time schedule, lineup order, playlist for each stage will be posted in an extended feature here. Last week, the acoustic/electro stage's playlist was posted. Now it is the Fox Hole stage's turn. The main stage will be featured at the top of the extended post next week. If you are not familiar with Atomic Cowboy, which is the location the event will take place on Sept. 24th, note that the Fox Hole is actually part of the complex. The entrance is actually inside the venue itself, as the two buildings are connected to each other.

Also, in this post you will find a new release by two of the high school bands playing the main stage, one in particular is a much better quality recording and is their first ever! The other is a brand new release by one of the LouFest (Area K) artists from this year's event. Plus, be sure to see the #Video Of The Week page for this week's newest video! Here are your artists for the first annual Rock U Fest's Fox Hole stage, they are as follows:

Fox Hole Stage at Rock U Fest 2011 by rockufest2

Clockwork is a three-piece high school band making waves. Connibal Road and Corvus both just played Pointfest this past w/e on the Pop's stage. Damned Holy Rollers just straight rock and mean business, Harmony Grove is fronted by the former vocalist of Rusted Shine, but if you know John Joseph it is not what you might suspect. They are currently working on recording, so to represent his voice, you can listen to the track to get an idea. What I do know is that Harmony Grove is a country/rock band with some blues in there too and the size of the group is around seven members. Man Eating Tiger is a fairly newer act, along with veterans like Ockum's Razor and also Panic Attack. Revence is another newer act, hitting the scene, playing routinely. We also have Scene Of Irony, another veteran of the scene. The Neverhawks have a loud, aggressive bluesy-mix, lastly we have Toilet Water. A funky blend of madcaps that act as a revolving door for Ruka Puff to to continue to launch himself into the national scene. Oh, snap! Let's not forget The Sudden Impact and also Butterfly Distortion, you can check out their links, as I never received any music from them. But, they will be on this stage too.

Next up, two of the main stage artists that I mentioned above, them being The Last Round and Lost Continent. The Last Round was previously blogged with a I-Phone recording to represent them. That is how new they are, but they have that raw, punk angst that just can't be ignored. Fresh from the studio, we just got their first official recording, congrats to them on that. Also, below is a band that I really liked when I saw them live, they are Lost Continent. They just performed at the (Area K) stage at this year's LouFest. This is a brand new release for them, they just seem to continue to progress. Check out these two main stage artists for Rock U Fest. Kudos to these two up-and-comer's.

The Last Round - Three Ten Ten by rockufest-3

Lost Continent - Sound The Sirens by rockufest-3

*Later on this week I have another band to post that are also promoting a show for the coming w/e. Look for that one Wednesday. So, if you have something coming up, be sure to send a track or two over. I will get you on the next post. Enjoy, eight of these fourteen tracks are downloadable.