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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post #55: Feat. the Acoustic/Electronic Stage @ Rock U Fest

Acoustic & Electronic Stage at Rock U Fest 2011 by rockufest1

The Arrangement, Banks And Cathedrals, Jay Boozer, Teesh Brown, Jen Galinski, Gemini Hustler, Doubleshot, Jennifer Norman, Syna So Pro, Buxom Space Fish, Spiral-Shaped Mind & FreedomAndForgiven are all scheduled to perform at Rock U Fest 2011 on the Acoustic/Electro stage inside Atomic Cowboy on Saturday, September 24th. The night will be carried to an end by DJ Kai at this given stage.

Rock U Festival 2011 is a all-ages event lasting twelve hours that is dedicated to promoting unity in the Saint Louis rock-n-roll community. The event will be held from 2pm to 2am at Atomic Cowboy, featuring three stages of rock music simultaneously with over 40 bands/artists ranging from Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Rap/Rock, Acoustic and Electronic for example. The festival's attendees and artists alike will range in various age groups, ethnicities, back rounds, belief systems and lifestyles, not to mention genres of rock. Our goal is to try to bring together all the different genre's of rock while also have performing the "next generation" of bands that will be making a future impact, up and coming bands and veterans of the St. Louis rock scene!