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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post #28 feat. hip-hop, psychedelic jams, power metal and some rock:

The Grea Tones Vs. The Loud Outfit! Royal Illete Productions presents these two hip-hop artists in a duel to the finish. You can like their facebook fan page pages, links are on the home page of their website.

Grea Tones vs Loud Outfit by The Loud Outfit

Next in line, we have the psychedelic jam-band rock of Cronus. They offer up two tracks to us, Bless The People & also Soul-Shaker. Their next show is at Pop's Blue Moon on Friday, March 25th. Check them out:

*Cronus had two songs posted, "Bless The People" & "Soul Shaker", they were removed on 2/8/12 from the blog. To download tracks by the group, visit their site HERE.

Third, we have Lovely Destuction, they are a power-metal/thrash band. Their next show is at the Stratford Bar on June 25th. Skullfest 2011 will be taking place, it actually starts on the 24th and ends on the 25th, for all the details visit Skull Records Radio for more info. They sent over three tracks, The Hot Gates, Grave & also Sacrifice.

*Lovely Destruction had three songs posted, "The Hot Gates" also "Grave" & "Sacrifice, they were removed from the blog on 2/8/12. To download them online, please visit their Reverbnation HERE.

Fourth, I figured that I would throw this in there, I want to show you an example of what Bandcamp has to offer artists also. Here is one I made of our last release, it is digital only, but it contains the four songs on the EP. Plus, it includes the cover art and lyrics w/ synopsis of each song. In addition to a 2009 group photo taken by Angie Knost and a free video of the live, studio edit of 'Two Thieves'. All is contained in a zip-file and you can choose what type of audio file you prefer. Neato.