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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post #27 feat. Stinkfoot & Nicole Dawn:

Stinkfoot is a rock/alt. rock foursome that started as an idea, which grew into a concept and later became a reality. A gritty collection of four up and coming rockers that, together, are hoping to one day play that one perfect show that will rocket them to superstardom. Coming soon to a theater near you. The band began in 2008, They caught momentum in 2009 when they recorded their first track "Smile" with local legend Brad Booker (Stir, Gravity Kills, Apartment 26). They used that initial track to book gigs at premiere venues in St. Louis starting in late 2009 and have been gigging steadily since. Below is a free download of their 5 song ep , Picture Code System. They will be at Cicero's on Saturday, April 2nd with Bravefellow, Luster and Soundscape.

Next up, for your downloading pleasure, is Nicole Dawn. This young lady stunned many at last year's Taste Of Saint Louis event once they found out she was only nineteen years of age. If you are unfamiliar with the event, last year it had a turnout of over 300,000 people. Kay Sonderegger, the Co-owner of the Taste of Saint Louis said that, "Nicole's performance at the Taste of St. Louis was outstanding. For someone so young and new to the industry, she made a huge impression on event goers, and the Taste staff alike. We had a lot of people inquire about her. Her vocal range combined with her natural and relaxed demeanor on stage and the fact that she played solo was truly impressive!"

See for yourself, here is her video for "Do You Remember?" Below the video is the download for this and another track also:

Nicole Dawn's two songs "Dow You Remember" & "I Believe What You Say" were removed from this blog on 2/8/12. To follow up on her visit her facebook page HERE.