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Monday, January 24, 2011

'Thronechild' feature & a UK artist's 1st visit:

Thronechild, an alt. indie-rock foursome that is newly female-fronted. Thronechild hosted a private interview and jam session for David Hopkins of As part of the session, David Hopkins has reviewed the Winter EP for the site. Read the story by clicking here! There are some funny bits, and if you care to download the rest of 'The Winter' EP just visit their website here, and remember, ITS FREE!

Original by Thronechild by stlmusiciansunite

*Thronechild had three tracks posted, "Original" & "Contradiction", they lost their singer and are finding a replacement. Visit their website HERE for the updates on the hunt and progress with new material.

In addition, we have a first for us here, UK artist 'Haunted Stereo' sent me a drop box submission and let me know that they are playing at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center on the 18th February. This is their first U.S. tour. They are alt-folk/ indie/ experimental six-piece line-up from Southampton. Anja let me know that she is having some trouble getting the rest
of this bill's info., but does know that another UK artist Otter's Gear, is performing also.

*Haunted Stereo had one song available for download which was "Instigate It" and it was removed on 2/8/12. Visit their website HERE for their progress, they do not have any free downloads available.