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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pet Rock 'The Musical' an "exclusive" :

'Pet Rock: The Musical' was formed in 2008 after a few, chance sessions of intense jamming, all those involved thought it was a good idea. Pet Rock has played extensively in their short time from a benefit show in rural Illinois to throwing art festivals in the heart of downtown St.Louis. Either way, this always evolving 3 piece synth-ridd'n, human-techno, psychedelic-rock explosion of space funk will not be stopping anytime soon!

Sat. 1/29 at The Warehouse: Pet Rock the Musical, Brainchild, and The Coal Chute Arms + Drum Empo. *Doors are at 8pm, show starts at 8:30pm, ends at 1am. 21+ $5 D.O.S. Here is a Pet Rock exclusive:

Bikers on extacy by Pet Rock: the musical by petrockthemusical