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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post 22 featuring 'Parallel 33' :

Put ya horns up \m/ because we bring you Parallel 33, "Parallel 33 is a breaking St Louis metal band that you won’t forget once you hear. With their debut CD, “Nobody’s Safe”, just released, they’re taking the Midwest metal scene by storm. Read what they had to say to St Louis Music Press interviewer Angie Knost about their past, their influences and their aspirations. And be sure to catch their headlining show at Pop’s on Dec 17, 2010."
*Quote from their St. Louis Music Press Interview.

*Be sure to add them on their other sites also:

*Here is a FREE download of The Forsaken Infidel from their debut CD, "Nobody's Safe":

- Their track was removed on 2/8/12. Parallel 33 is no longer active. You may visit their Reverbnation HERE for free downloads by them.