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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Post 20 featuring 'The Orbz' :

The Orbz stopped by KWUR 90.3 FM for a "Stack Session" of 4 live tracks and were posted on Nov. 10th. Their next show is 12/19 at the Firebird with Ultimate Fakebook, whose album is free at To get tickets for this show online, visit Ticketfly. Ultimate Fakebook is one of their vocalist's long time heroes, according to their website. The Orbz are comprised of Jason Robinson on vocals, Ken Adelman on guitar, Jeremy Ivy on bass and Chris Luckett on drums. They are a indie, new-wave, post-punk type of group. Check them out:

*"Stars" also "Too Much Math" & "Cleveland" were removed on 2/8/12, however if you visit the link below, you can download all four tracks there.

Above are 3 of 4 tracks from this digital download. To get the last track, please visit KWUR's bandcamp site. In addition, the group will be releasing more new music at Off Broadway, this January via STL Loud, which is a non-profit group that is getting fans to fund one song per artist that are chosen for each EP release that the organization is producing. Enjoy the tunes!