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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

STLMU blog pulls up it's big boy 'Britches' for it's 25th post!

Marty from the 'Britches' just sent over a five song EP, appropriately it's name is 'Demo' because more or less it is one. They were recently featured in the RFT's A-Z blog and joined local St. Louis label HiFiOctopi. So far, their listeners have described them as experimental/noise(y) rock. Also, their fans have said they sound similar to Liars, Deerhunter, HEALTH, No Age, Xiu Xiu. Some of the group's main influences include Pavement, This Heat, Suicide, Silver Apples, Brainiac, early Blonde Redhead & Tom Waits. The EP is available for free digital download below, as are their networks:

01 ---'s Trash Can by britchesbritches

02 On the Inside by britchesbritches

03 White Noise by britchesbritches

04 Dream Song by britchesbritches

05 Stand Tall or Don't Stand at All by britchesbritches
(Has a 4 song, live set from KDHX's studio)