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Monday, December 6, 2010

Post 18 featuring Via Dove:

Bridging the gap between pop sensibility and independent rock credibility, Via Dove manages to craft music that is at once broadly accessible while maintaining an organic, rough-hewn ethos.
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Via Dove is the ever-evolving collaboration of Andy Shadburne, Aaron Vaught, Reid Burnett, and Mike North. Equally at home with both larger-than-life rock exuberance and understated introspection, the band delivers a unique cocktail of blues, beats, power, texture, and noise.

The songs of "El Mundo Latino" forced themselves out of Via Dove in late 2009 causing an immediate detour from a now-forgotten 10-song LP that was slated to be recorded in Nashville last fall. We spent a couple of weeks chasing riffs down rabbit holes, and when we felt content with plethora of demos, we started looking for somewhere special to further shape and record them.
"El Mundo Latino" was recorded from February through April 2010 in the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood of St. Louis. We inhabited an abandoned restaurant & loft space and made it our secret home for two months. The first rehearsals took place without heat or running water, but before long, the space was aglow with new Via Dove material.

You can get the record at Vintage Vinyl or here:

To get the whole story of how we recorded El Mundo Latino, watch the "making-of" documentary we put out.

Their next show is Saturday, 12/11 at The Firebird, with Tilts and Flaming Death Trap. Admission is only $8. Get all the details here:

*"Fast Times" by Via Dove was removed on 2/8/12. To follow Via Dove and see their progress, visit their website HERE. They do not have any free downloads available.