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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Post 17 featuring Butcher Holler:

Butcher Holler is an three-piece Americana, Rock, Country group of seasoned veterans that have just the right balance between the three members and style attributes listed above. Their songs also sometimes tend to have a honky-tonk vibe to them. St. Louis has many great Rockabilly groups that branch off into different directions and genres. Butcher Holler even hints on these categories, as well. On Saturday, Nov. 20th they will be doing a special honky-tonk set at the Way Out Club that we all know and love. Below are three tracks by the group, each has a video embedded in the song's widget w/ flyer art, but you have to view them on Sound Cloud. Their song, 'Eva' was shot live at KDHX. The promo flyer for the event is listed below, as well as the three tracks & videos that accompany them:

YouTube - Butcher Holler - Trouble

YouTube - Butcher Holler @ Pop's Blue Moon - Crazy Jimmy

YouTube - Butcher Holler "Eva Chablis" Live at KDHX 6/24/10

*"Trouble" also "Crazy Jimmy" & "Eva" were removed from the blog on 2/8/12, visit Buther Holler online to see their progress HERE. They do not have any free downloads available.