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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

@theblackangels & @rokyericksonTM storm @firebirdstl on 2/1.

The Black Angels of Austin, TX. storm The Firebird along with Roky Erickson on Saturday, February 1st. In a celebratory fashion they are offering listeners a free download of their EP entitled, 'Live In San Francisco' on their Facebook page. It features live renditions of 'Evil Things', 'Broken Soldier' & 'Indigo Meadow'. The latter of which is the reason for the winter tour. It is also the name of their new release that supports the mission & is available now on ITUNES. This is their fourth now & is a follow up to 2010's debut of 'Phosphene Dream' along with quite the acclaim. They can be considered the face of what is contemporary psychedelic rock. Witness the kaleidoscope thrust forward into the future with a legend and a revelry that only Christian Bland, Alex Maas, Stephanie Bailey, Kyle Hunt & Jake Garcia of The Black Angels can bring. Behold.

Visit HERE for the Facebook event info. & such.

The Black Angels - Live In San Francisco EP