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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cutthroat Shamrock download, Drown Fish video, check them out Friday night at Fubar! #STL #MUSIC

Number Six Media recently had to move this Friday's show to Fubar. It features those whiskey drinkers Cutthroat Shamrock from Tennessee in a late-show. They like to be genre-pinned into the "Appalachian Celtic Punk" category. Below is a free download of their song,"Hell's Shovel". Also on the bill this Friday night is Drownfish. They have a harder-folk style. Speaking of them, they have this week's #VideoOfTheWeek! Below is "The Umbrella Song". I Hate Punk Rock Records artists Joe from Black For A Second and also Dan from The Disappeared bring you the cover portion of the evening, these two are doing a Bruce Springsteen tribute under the title,"Factory". For the details on this event click right HERE.