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Monday, May 28, 2012

2nd Anniv. of the @STLMU Blog feat. The Falling Martins & Alex Rosales! #STL #MUSIC

Bassist Rich Wooten of The Falling Martins was kind enough to introduce me to his group's music. He showed me their double-disk that was recorded live at The Old Rock House, which is an impressive package, by the way. This conversation ironically took place at The Old Rock House this past April 17th after the first STLMU meeting in three years. It was two years ago, in May, that I began applying myself to this blog. Over the course of which, I have seen a unbelievable interest in our music scene in St. Louis. The meeting went pretty well and it was on a Tuesday night, same night at the Cardinals were in a post-season game downtown. All that I had to go by in my mind was the first meeting that I attended years ago, when I was introduced to this group. There were two tables connected at the "late" Cruisin' Rt. 66 located on Watson Rd. It was interesting to me because there were musicians of all ages from all types of genres, including people that work at venues, promote, etc. I did a lot of listening. There were around 20-25 people at that first meeting then, so I think that the 30 or so that attended the meeting I mentioned from this past April is a good sign. I think that because it was after only three meetings that it caused a domino effect and there were around 250 people in Cruisin' Rt. 66 on a Monday night years ago. I just wanted to get the ball rolling, so to speak. A big thanks to those that attended from acts like The Falling Martins, Revence, Midwest Avengers, Shotgun Abby, Sinfinis, The Psychedelic Psychonauts, It!, Kyle Walz, Alex Rosales, Angerchild, Ockum's Razor, The Washco Lowlifes, Castlewood, J. Boozer & also The Ragged Blade Band. They came from areas reaching from as far as Nashville, IL to O'Fallon, MO. In addition, I would like to thank Tara Pham of Eleven Magazine, Royal Management, Sara from the Alton Main Street in Illinois & also to The Grove STL for their presence there. The theme was about events and festivals, seeing that this is when that season is in full-swing. The next one will take place toward the end of summer, probably in August. The theme will be the same for the next meeting also.

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The Falling Martins schedule for June into the month of August:

Fri, 01 Jun. St. Louis, MO Sqwires
Sat, 09 Jun. St. Louis, MO The Dubliner
Fri, 06 Jul. St. Louis, MO Sqwires
Sat, 14 Jul. St. Louis, MO The Dubliner
Fri, 27 Jul. Chicago, IL Abbey Pub
Fri, 03 Aug. St. Louis, MO Sqwires
Sat, 11 Aug. St. Louis, MO The Dubliner

This week's #VideoOfTheWeek is by Alex Rosales, a talented and young lad. Check him out, his schedule for June is also posted below:

June (Thursdays) 6-9pm Orange Leaf - O'Fallon
June 1, 6-9pm El Jimador Mexican Restaurant - Warrenton
June 2, Miles Against Melanoma - All Day Event 6pm Alex performing the National Anthem and 2-3 songs.
June 9, 12, 23 & 30 6-9pm El Jimador
June 16, Cottleville Wine Sellers (Hwy N) 2-5pm